Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

To all of you, from all of us.

May you have many things to be thankful for in the coming year.

May your cup run over, your plate be full.

May you never hunger, and may you never thirst.

And may you get everything you need, or at least deserve.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Saul Anuzis' Racist Friend Speaks!

Sure enough, Mr. Bristow was, indeed, monitoring the internets for his name to be dropped. Less than half an hour after my article about his relationship with Saul Anuzis hit Op Ed News, he had a comment on the Soulutrean Liberation Front.

J. Edward Tremlett has blogged about my novel, White Apocalypse, and his post can be read [here]. I'll spare you the filler and the foam-at-the-mouth-leftist-vitriol; here are the more interesting quotes from the guttershipe extraordinaire's take on my book:

Until just recently, when, thanks to a poorly-written [(The leftists claim that my novel is poorly written; I will have you defer to the reviews of the right-wingers who read and highly praised it)], self-published action adventure novel named White Apocalypse, Bristow got himself back in the limelight, and any and all questions of his having being a racialist - and possibly having been one all along - were totally blown out of existence as if struck by Thor's hammer.

And then he went on to quote my quoting of his loathsome book, specifically the "amerindian" snuff orgy rape of the white honors student. Perhaps ironically, he left in my parting comment - "Riveting reading, if you're a racist &%^k"

A couple of points:

1) I don't toot my own horn too much... okay, maybe I do... but I graduated with a degree in Creative Writing from Ohio University. Part of my training was understanding how writing actually works, and, by extension, knowing when it doesn't work. And while I might not be the best writer in the world (merely competent, some days) I know enough to know that White Apocalypse is a badly-written book. I don't care what Bristow's friends and allies think about it (in fact, I doubt if half of them actually read it) - this is about what _I know_. And I say it blows mountain goats.

2) My article was about Mr. Bristow's racism, and his connection to Saul Anuzis. The fact that Mr. Bristow's book is a massive pile of suck is an amusing, but relatively minor, note. So what does Mr. Bristow choose to refute? My opinion of his writing. Very telling, that.

3) As a good friend pointed out, the rape is doubly disgusting. Apparently there's quite a scam going on where non-Indians go into reservations, rape Native American women, and then GTFO before the tribal police can catch them. The surrounding police are then either unable to do anything about the crime, or unwilling to care. Having a bunch of "amerindians" rape a white girl is a stunning reversal of the true to life situation.

4) One of those right-wingers who praised the book is a convicted user of child pornography. Is this the depth to which Mr. Bristow has sunk, that he gleefully pals around with such persons simply because they're all fellow racists? So much for any sense of moral authority on his part!

As I write these words, the story about Mr. Anuzis' connection to this fellow is slowly getting around the net. I believe it will only be a matter of time before it actually makes it onto "real" news, most likely because a Steele supporter will allude to it in order to spare the current head of the RNC a challenge to his chair. And at that point, Kyle Bristow will be hung out to dry, just like National YAF did some time ago (regardless of what Bristow claims happened) and another door will be slammed in his face. We hope, anyway.

But it's Tuesday Night, and that means music. Kyle, this song's for you. The band is Combichrist. The song title speaks for itself.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Saul Anuzis’ Racist Friend

this is where the party ends

The former head of Michigan’s GOP wants Michael Steele’s job, but he has one massive skeleton rattling in his political closet. What’s his connection to the notorious Kyle Bristow?

Get the full story at op ed news, here.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Night Music 11 16 10

One of my coolest high school teachers was a major Clash fan. I was more into the Sex Pistols, Black Flag, and the Dead Kennedys at the time, but he told me I really should invest some time listening to Strummer's outfit. I'm glad I took him up on it. Not everything they do is as good as their best stuff, but it all has a power about it - some kernel of greater truth about what was happening in England, much like what the Kennedys told about the world.

The Sandinista triple album was beloved by some major critics but shat on by many others, including a lot of fans, when it came out. Part of that was because it was a triple album, and listeners didn't really get a chance to absorb it all before putting their opinions down. And part of it was because the band, obviously pulling in several different directions at once, was splintering both personally and musically. You can almost feel the tension as the album lurches from one corner of the music world to another.

Magnificent Seven is one of those lurches, but it works amazingly well. It's an early attempt to do rap, sort of, and the tabloid-style lyrics tell a story that's funny and disjointed. A lot of people forget that The Clash could be damned funny when they wanted to, and this is proof.

We need a laugh after last November 2nd, so... here's five minutes and change of them. :) enjoy.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A Letter to My Ex, Post Election Day

Dear friend:

Since we parted as lovers, we've been lucky enough to remain friends. And since then, you've asked my opinion from time to time, and as a friend I've given it to you. You've wanted my input on things and people, and what things you should be doing with which people. And I've always tried to give you the best advice I could, with friendship and respect and, yes... still a little love on my part.

So when I say "honey, what the hell are you thinking?" I hope it will be taken as it should.

I know we had our problems. I know I wasn't ideal, and nor was the situation. But what on earth could have possessed you to break up with me and go back with that walking turd you were seeing before?

Did you forget how bad things were, back then?

When we first started seeing each other, you had nothing but bad things to say about that person. The neglect, the abuse, the misplaced priorities. Long expensive parties you weren't welcome at. Pricey nights out when you weren't invited. Adventures that hurt you and cost you way too much time and money, all laughed off with "it's for your own good" ...

I could talk my head off, here. I know you sure did.

Now I know, early on, things were great. There was a way with words this person possessed, and the feeling that you could lift yourself up with just a little encouragement was very intoxicating. It felt like everything was going great, once again.

Morning in America, I think you said?

But sooner or later the promises stopped being fulfilled, and the bloom came off the rose, and then the real trouble started. And I know it was bad, because when I met you, and we started up, you were a walking ghost. I had to work double-time to make you happy and earn your trust, after how badly you were let down.

Have you really forgotten all that? How could you?

Yes, I screwed up. I didn't do everything I said I should. I didn't do all that I could. Sometimes I forgot myself, and wasn't as good a lover or a friend as I should or could have been. We've been over all that, and hopefully you can accept one more apology.

But, dammit, why? Why are you going back for another round with this creep? How could you forget how wholly and utterly this person did you wrong? How could you start back up again, after everything that happened? Are you really THAT dumb, after all?

Or were you so angry after we broke up that you'd turn to anyone for comfort?

I'm sure that person was right there, waiting. I'm sure there was a slick plot and a plan in action, along with a big price tag -- money no object to get what was wanted. A couple gentle words, maybe a listening ear, maybe some sympathy over pricey latte at that expensive coffee chain we used to have fun making fun of, back when we were a pair...

I can't go on. Seeing you drive around in that car, with that person, makes me want to throw up things I ate ten years ago.

And when I tried to talk to you about it, and you just blew me off? Well... that hurt worse than being eaten alive by driver ants, my friend. Especially when you said I was just jealous.

Maybe a little. Okay, maybe a lot. But I'd be happy if you never even saw me again, even as a friend, so long as I knew you weren't back with that person again. At least I'd know I wouldn't hear any terrible stories about how you got done wrong, yet again, even though you should have known better.

And boy, should you ever.

Please reconsider this relationship. Please remember the pain of the past and decide if it's worth risking it all again just for the sake of rekindling an old illusion. Leopards don't change their spots, friend -- sooner or later you'll stop seeing the smile and notice the fangs behind it.

I'm sorry to be so blunt, but they say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the result to change. This is textbook insanity. You are fucking crazy. And only you can open the door and leave the asylum.

Anyway, you got my number. If you want to call me up and curse me out, fine. But I'm hoping you'll remember what I'm saying, here, and just keep an eye open and an ear out. You'll know the old and true face is back on again when decisions are made FOR you, rather than WITH you.

And if you'd rather just ignore this... well... it's Tuesday Night Music. Make of this what you will.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Please Just Hold Your Nose and Vote Democrat

roflbot picture

I remember when the rightly-infamous David Duke ran for Governor of Louisiana as a Republican, several years ago, he was running against a Democrat who was as crooked as Frankenstein's dog's hind leg. It was a clear case of bad versus worse and no one was happy about it.

So some enterprising soul sold Official Bags for the gubernatorial election: the idea was that you could go vote for the crook over the klansman, and then either hide your face in shame, or be sick. As luck would have it, David Duke lost, and nothing he has said or done since then has ameliorated any of the concerns most rightly-thinking people had about his potential turn as Governor.

Flash forward to 2010. The Democrats are disappointing. But the would-be replacements waiting in the wings are a disaster waiting to happen. In a choice between disappointment or disaster, one would think the wise choice would be to vote for the former.

And yet, in what proves to be an important election -- maybe the most important yet -- many progressives want to throw their vote away by either throwing it behind a third party candidate, or else not voting at all.

How reckless can you get?

The bottom line is this: as much as the Democrats need to have some sense slapped into them, the Tea Party and their cronies (and their backers) MUST BE REPUDIATED AT THE POLLS. And this has to happen NOW, not after two years of a Republican/Teaparty-led Congress that has had ample opportunity to take the good that has been done over the last couple years, and throw it under the bus.

It goes beyond certain candidates ignorance, stupidity, or sociopathy. It goes beyond firefighters watching someone's house burn and the National Review's writers saying that it was not only okay, but a "teachable moment" to the Left. It goes beyond Birtherism, crypto-racism, curb-stomps, and arresting reporters.

It goes to the very heart of our system of government. Do you believe that the Government is there to help, but sometimes harms, or do you think the Government can ONLY EVER HARM, and needs to be shot in the face by an angry mob who, like the angry villagers in Frankenstein, have decided to get torches and pitchforks rather than let the party members of a (insert latest tea party jibe about Barack Obama here) hold onto Washington for one more day?

If you are any kind of thinking progressive, I would hope your answer is the former. It should then follow that we should do everything we can to ensure that, as nauseating and disappointing as their antics may sometimes be, we have to vote for the Democrats tomorrow.

Third parties? Forget it. As of right now, there are none who have a fireball's chance in Hel of pulling off enough votes to block the Republicans from office. None. Maybe in a few years, if enough average voters -- that is, left-leaning rather that leftIST -- abandon the Democrats, they could just have enough. But that is not now.

Vote strike? Get to !#$%. The only thing that does is not only disenfranchise yourself, and give you no right to legitimately complain over the next few years, but also negates your ability to vote for state and local issues, which are also critically important.

You can stand on your tub and pound about the need for a credible alternative to the two big, lumbering giants of American politics, but tubthumping only gets you so far when most people would rather buy into one or the other. The change of attitudes necessary to pull off such a switch is several years in the making. It does not happen overnight, and will definitely not happen in the wake of a disastrous election result, as some have encouraged: the Dems will just obstruct for the next cycle and then say "see what happened? vote us back in." And we'll be back at square none all over again, along with pipe dreams of a Green win.

There is only one party to effectively block a Republican takeover of the House and Senate, tomorrow, or at least ensure that they do not win a huge majority. It is not one of the third parties. It is not NO party. It is the Democrats.

So here's what I am suggesting: go to the polls and vote for the Democrats. You may want to hold your nose when you do so, or go be sick afterwards -- if so, good. Take that nausea and turn it into anger, and then turn that anger into energy. Then, take that energy and use it to either fix what's wrong with the Dems, or create that credible alternative.

Of course, you could always do that NOW, too. But we have to think strategically. When that alternative or fixing takes place, two, four or six years from now, after two, four, or six years of being in thrall to the Tea Party and its cronies (and backers), things will be so screwed up that it will take many more years to effectively fix. And in the meantime, those voted out will sit on their hands, be obstructionist, and claim that the mess is all OUR fault, and we should be voted out.

(This DOES sound familiar, right?)

So yes, for some of us it's a choice between tweedledumb and tweedledumber. Maybe even tweedlevil, if you consider it that way. But it's not defeatism if you look at it as a strategic exercise, and it's not cynicism if you know what you're getting and have a plan to make it work for you.

But we have to get ourselves the breathing room to fix what's broken. We will not get that unless we keep the Dems as healthy as possible this cycle.

So please. Please. PLEASE go and vote Democrat tomorrow. Wear a bag if you have to. Just make sure that people like Rand Paul et. al. are not the face of America's lawmakers for the next two or more years, and, even if we are stuck with them, it will not be so much that they can completely dominate the dialectic.