Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Saul Anuzis' Racist Friend Speaks!

Sure enough, Mr. Bristow was, indeed, monitoring the internets for his name to be dropped. Less than half an hour after my article about his relationship with Saul Anuzis hit Op Ed News, he had a comment on the Soulutrean Liberation Front.

J. Edward Tremlett has blogged about my novel, White Apocalypse, and his post can be read [here]. I'll spare you the filler and the foam-at-the-mouth-leftist-vitriol; here are the more interesting quotes from the guttershipe extraordinaire's take on my book:

Until just recently, when, thanks to a poorly-written [(The leftists claim that my novel is poorly written; I will have you defer to the reviews of the right-wingers who read and highly praised it)], self-published action adventure novel named White Apocalypse, Bristow got himself back in the limelight, and any and all questions of his having being a racialist - and possibly having been one all along - were totally blown out of existence as if struck by Thor's hammer.

And then he went on to quote my quoting of his loathsome book, specifically the "amerindian" snuff orgy rape of the white honors student. Perhaps ironically, he left in my parting comment - "Riveting reading, if you're a racist &%^k"

A couple of points:

1) I don't toot my own horn too much... okay, maybe I do... but I graduated with a degree in Creative Writing from Ohio University. Part of my training was understanding how writing actually works, and, by extension, knowing when it doesn't work. And while I might not be the best writer in the world (merely competent, some days) I know enough to know that White Apocalypse is a badly-written book. I don't care what Bristow's friends and allies think about it (in fact, I doubt if half of them actually read it) - this is about what _I know_. And I say it blows mountain goats.

2) My article was about Mr. Bristow's racism, and his connection to Saul Anuzis. The fact that Mr. Bristow's book is a massive pile of suck is an amusing, but relatively minor, note. So what does Mr. Bristow choose to refute? My opinion of his writing. Very telling, that.

3) As a good friend pointed out, the rape is doubly disgusting. Apparently there's quite a scam going on where non-Indians go into reservations, rape Native American women, and then GTFO before the tribal police can catch them. The surrounding police are then either unable to do anything about the crime, or unwilling to care. Having a bunch of "amerindians" rape a white girl is a stunning reversal of the true to life situation.

4) One of those right-wingers who praised the book is a convicted user of child pornography. Is this the depth to which Mr. Bristow has sunk, that he gleefully pals around with such persons simply because they're all fellow racists? So much for any sense of moral authority on his part!

As I write these words, the story about Mr. Anuzis' connection to this fellow is slowly getting around the net. I believe it will only be a matter of time before it actually makes it onto "real" news, most likely because a Steele supporter will allude to it in order to spare the current head of the RNC a challenge to his chair. And at that point, Kyle Bristow will be hung out to dry, just like National YAF did some time ago (regardless of what Bristow claims happened) and another door will be slammed in his face. We hope, anyway.

But it's Tuesday Night, and that means music. Kyle, this song's for you. The band is Combichrist. The song title speaks for itself.


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