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Birther Week in Review 6/4/11

so high you can't get over it...
In which Jerome Corsi lays out his legal cards, World Net Daily continues to spin, Orly continues to misunderstand the law, and both of them would like to take credit for a non-victory.

It was a slow week for Birtherstan, with no shocking reveals, or new twists and turns worthy of a ZOMG award. Instead, we got some weak cheddar, as the news would rather focus on Rep. Weiner's electronic woes (and miss the real story {maybe}) than pay attention to Birthers, even on what they'd like you to believe is the cusp of their victory.

Victory? Why yes. After all, Jerome "Dr Feelgood" Corsi not only has his book, "Where's the Birth Certificate," on the best-sellers lists (dropping like rocks from previous week, buoyed only by bulk purchases) but is about to drop charges against Obama for Social Security fraud, just like he announced he would.

Well, okay. It looks like he isn't. However, he's happy to announce that someone else is.

An international expert on scanners and document-imaging software filed a 22-page criminal complaint with the FBI, charging that the long-form birth certificate released by the White House is criminally fraudulent.

"What the Obama administration released is a PDF image that they are trying to pass off as a Certificate of Live Birth Long Form printed on green security paper by the Hawaiian Health Department," Doug Vogt writes, "but this form is a created forgery."

Vogt's criminal complaint asserts: "I have irrefutably proven that the Certificate of Live Birth that President Obama presented to the world on April 27, 2011, is a fraudulently created document put together using the Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator programs, and the creation of this forgery of a public document constitutes a class B felony in Hawaii and multiple violations under U.S. Code section Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 47, Sec.1028, and therefore an impeachable offense."

Sounds like the FBI's going to be removing that Usurper son-of-a-commie any day, now, huh? Well, not so fast.

For one thing, consider that Mr. Vogt doesn't know what he's talking about, according to the redoubtable Dr. Conspiracy. Also consider that the long form was seen, photographed and touched by at least one reporter, verifying that it actually does exist, and is not merely an electronic artifact.

Also consider that Mr. Vogt is, as recently revealed by our friends at Badfiction, a frakking crackpot, even by our fairly lax standards, here at the rANT FARM (yes, Tim Foil, I am looking at you)

None of these things add up to a slam-dunk legal course of action. But then, as World Net Daily has been kind enough to show us over the last week, their idea of what constitutes a slam dunk might get a few righteous objections from your average NBA referee.

Intel report: Kenyans honor Obama's 'birthplace'. As in the village his family grew up in, you fools.

Kenya probed claim Obama born in Africa Yeah, now about those sources...

But the best one from this week has to be Why is Obama's name different on passport? Because, you know, if it doesn't have that "II" at the end of his name, it's just not him. Really. Ask anyone who's got a II, III, or IV, or a sr. or jr. Deport them all!!!!

Speaking of deportations, Orly Taitz, our favorite "mail in your boxtops" lawyer, seems to be getting somewhere in her latest case, Taitz vs Astrue. Or so she thinks, and has told WND, anyway.

But under the radar of most new organizations a case has been moving forward in Washington, D.C., through which California attorney Orly Taitz is seeking the original application for Obama's Social Security number, a document that could reveal a multitude of factors about the president's early life.

U.S. District Court Chief Judge Royce Lamberth this week rejected a defense concern over procedure in the dispute, and Taitz told WND today the case has moved into discovery and she can issue subpoenas to those holding the documentation she is seeking.


(the Judge) ruled this week that FOIA actions "are exempt" from a local court "meet and confer" requirement and he gave Astrue 30 days to file "any dispositive motions."

The federal government had argued that Taitz' process to subpoena individuals with access to the long-sought documentation was out of order, but the court ruling means it is within procedures.

According to a report in the Post & Email online blog, Taitz reported, "We're now in discovery, so I can issue subpoenas."

ORLLY? Not so fast...

So in the real world, Dr. Orly got dinged for her habit of not redacting SS numbers and told to do it over again.

And while we're on the subject of the real world, White House counsel Robert Bauer is leaving his previous place of residence for it, and both Orly Taitz and Dr. Feelgood would like to take credit for it.

Orly says: Chief judge of the U. S. district court in the District of Columbia, Royce Lamberth, issued his scheduling order on June 1st. What is important, that it says, that the FOIA cases are exempt from the initial meet and confer, which means that there is no need for Rule 26 conference, so the discovery is on, which means, that the deposition of the White House Counsel regarding Obama’s fraudulent use of the Connecticut Social Security number 042-68-4425 and his use of the forged birth certificate, can go on. Robert Bauer could get deposed. Typically the White House gets an early warning of what is going on in courts, particularly in the DC courts. I wonder, if the White House Counsel Robert Bauer got information from one of the clerks, that the case will go on, which prompted his resignation the next day, on June the second

Meanwhile, Jerome Corsi says: "I think Bauer's resignation marks the beginning of the Obama eligibility cover-up starting to unwind."

Corsi believes Bauer "felt compelled" to resign because of the growing substance to worries that the eligibility issue will blow up into a full-scale investigation.

"Bauer sent Perkins and Coie attorneys to Honolulu to pick up from the Hawaii Department of Health what he believed would be two certified copies of Obama's 1961 long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate," Corsi said.

"When the White House released to the public the birth certificate in the form of a PDF computer file obviously created on Adobe software and a Xerox copy, Bauer realized the Hawaii DOH had participated in the fraud," Corsi charged.

But the real joke here is where Mr. Bauer is leaving to. Rather than hide under a rock, he's leaving his current position in order to help with Obama's 2012 re-election campaign.

Yes. You read that. Taitz and Corsi are taking credit for running him away from Obama out of fear, when all he's doing is changing how he serves the President.

Sense, ye be not here.

See you next week on Birther Week in Review, where we troll the pits so you don't have to. Donations accepted. Beer appreciated.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even the bumbling Inspector Clouseau gets his man in the end. The bloodhound can miss finding a criminal 1000 times, but the criminal only has to make one mistake in order to get caught. It has been said that politicians are crooks who just haven't been caught yet.

9:02 AM  
Blogger J. Edward Tremlett said...

Inspector Clouseau was a genius compared to these doofuses, and he was actually on the trail of genuine criminals... sometimes.

Do you have a point or are you just reveling in anonymity?

9:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those doofuses, as you call them have gutted quite a bit of the Obama family story in his "Dreams" book. Solid detective work is now trying to uncover who applied for the 042-Connecticut SS# that Obama is on record of using. In the end all that matters is facts, not ideology or hero worship.
When Obama released his long form birth certificate in April, he had the hammer to crush the birthers once and for all and what did he do? He called them carnival barkers and then he ducked out of the press conference in order to avoid answering any questions. He said that "others" had confirmed he was born in Hawaii - but he never said, in 1st person, that he was born in Hawaii, nor can you find an Obama video of him saying he is a natural born citizen - so stop putting words in his mouth.

5:39 AM  
Blogger J. Edward Tremlett said...

Oh please. The Social Security Administration has come out and admitted that the prefix is not always granted based on residence.

As for your claims that he's never said he was born in Hawai'i, I think that has to be nonsense. Where did you hear that? Have you read either of his books? Have you watched every speech he's ever given?

8:10 AM  
Blogger J. Edward Tremlett said...

No answer for that, Mr/s Anonymous? You get in too far over your little head?

10:19 PM  

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