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Birther Week in Review 6/18/11 Corsi vs Fogbow Edition

taking reseachers to the zoo?

In which we look at what may be the moment karma finally kicked in for the World Net Daily posse.

Another slow week in Birtherstan, but one with an interesting development.

It appears that, after years of going after public figures with a certain amount of safety, one of the the country's most prominent citizens made the mistake of going after a regular joe with the same cavalier regard for facts and truth that he employs against the President.

After weeks of regurgitating old info with new twists, new lies with old tricks, and useless "gotcha" hitpieces, World Net Daily decided to go on the warpath against Birtherstan's natural enemies (besides truth, facts, and decency) -- anti-birther bloggers who've been calling the rogue nation out on its lies, exaggerations, and excesses since its tumultuous birth.

The first article, written earlier this week, pointed out that a number of anti-birthers have produced fake birth certificates in an attempt to mock Birthers and make them look foolish. In the eyes of any reasonable person, this constitutes a prank. To Corsi and company, this is criminal fraud.

They have described their activities as satire, a tactic designed to deflect criminal charges that might otherwise be filed against them for producing fraudulent official government documents.

Same old WND, in other words. Exaggerate the reality in order to make snide innuendos that gain the readers' interest while not really telling them the whole truth, if indeed any truth at all.

But then they went a step further. They went after PJ Foggy at Fogbow, following the "journalism" model of their previous works.

Not a good idea, as Foggy, himself, stated on Doc Conspiracy's article on the subject:

The Cal. St. Bar never even suggested it would disbar me. I got in some minor trouble during a time when both my wife’s parents died of Alzheimers’ in my home, and I had some severe depression and some marijuana use. I decided to get out of the law biz and my State Bar record clearly says I “resigned,” not that I was disbarred.

Corsi also falsely accused me of committing state and federal crimes. He posted photos of my young children. He falsely claimed I filed that “legal brief” with a court (it was really just a compilation of reasons why Orly Taitz should be sanctioned in Taitz v. Astrue and I sent it to Patrick Nemeroff, the assistant U.S. Attorney on the case).

Worst of all, on Corsi’s Facebook page he wrote:

“Bryan runs a Flower Shop in Raleigh NC — let him know how much you appreciate his loyalty to the Constitution.”

He gave them enough info to find the phone number and address of my flower shop. Corsi and/or his people are desperately scrubbing threats against me from both the WND page and from Facebook, but I have screenshots of everything. Several innocent women who work for me are terrified. I’ve already contacted the FBI, and I’m on my way to the Raleigh Police Dept. now. I have a first class libel/slander attorney in D.C. working on this.

This is not like that impoverished (in more ways than one) KenyaBornObamAcorn. Corsi has money, and is going to rue this day. Scrubbing my comments isn’t going to help him even a little bit. He stepped in a mess this time. I’m going to own Esquire magazine!

PJ Foggy is, of course, referring to Joseph "Mr. Mustache" Farah's threats -- now realized -- to sue Esquire over that satirical article they ran online making fun of Where's the Birth Certificate (still falling like a brick, sales-wise, in case you were wondering)

So far Corsi's only overt response has been to backhandedly mention the situation in another article on another anti-Birther blogger. That and, if PJ's claims are true, scrub nasty attacks and threatening comments off the article, itself.

Why did he do this? One can only guess. Doc Conspiracy is open for reasonable suggestions.

So why write an article to smear Foggy?

Foggy comments on Internet forums that relate to Barack Obama’s eligibility. How is that news? Many of my readers do that and the number of people who comment on the Internet every day probably runs in the hundreds of millions (there are an estimated 1.87 billion Internet users).

Foggy wrote a letter to a US attorney about Orly Taitz. He may have handled a fake Kenyan birth certificate. There’s no evidence that either of them had an impact on WND readers. WorldNetDaily even had some news to report debunking that fake certificate which Foggy did not create. And even if Foggy had something to do with getting the fake Kenyan birth certificate to Taitz, what does his California bar status have to do with anything except as an attempt to smear Foggy’s reputation?

This is all nothing stuff. Bloggers are not news.

So why did Jerome Corsi representing what claims to be a major news organization chose to pick on an obscure web site operator who 99.99999% of the world has never heard of (up until now)?

Why indeed.

But help may be on the way! Over at Orly Taitz's website, our favorite can't-do girl is calling for a federal investigation of those awful people at Fogbow. Because, you know, political advocacy and making fun of the gullible and the fraudulent is high treason. (H/T to OhForGoodnessSake)

Meanwhile, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Please do consider the information about Corsi at this link, in particular the following quotes.

CORSI: So this is what the last days of the Catholic Church are going to look like. Buggering boys undermines the moral base and the laywers rip the gold off the Vatican altars. We may get one more Pope, when this senile one dies, but that's probably about it. (12/16/2002)

CORSI: Islam is a peaceful religion as long as the women are beaten, the boys buggered, and the infidels killed. (11/22/2002)

CORSI: Isn't the Democratic Party the official SODOMIZER PROTECTION ASSOCIATION of AMERICA -- oh, I forgot, it was just an accident that Clintoon's first act in office was to promote "gays in the military." RAGHEADS are Boy-Bumpers as clearly as they are Women-Haters -- it all goes together. (11/18/2001)

CORSI: Perfect Liberal -- lesbian, self-absorbed, hates America, anxious to impose her values on everybody else. [on Martina Navratilova] (06/26/2002)

CORSI: And now we get Pooh-LEFTY pushed on us by the RATS as Minority Leader in the House -- here come the SanFrancisco liberals -- hope the RATS go back to focusing the debate on gay marriages and other pro-choice topics close to Pelosi's heart. (11/18/2002)

CORSI: Too bad the plane didn't crash into the TV set of the NBC show "THE LEFT WING" -- especially when Martin Sheen was "acting." (06/07/2003)

(H/T to Doc Conspiracy)

'Cause, you know, fair's fair.


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