Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Muslims for McCain outnumber anti-Muslim Bigot at Rally

This is just beautiful.

The story is that this fellow was selling the bumper sticker you see on his back, and was accosted by some fellow with a camera asking what was up. While he was talking to him, a number of Muslim McCain supporters (and at least one Christian) told him what he was doing was wrong. And, eventually, he gave up and went away.

Admittedly, this seems a little too well-choreographed to have been entirely by chance. I'm wondering if the guy on the camera didn't go away and come back with Muslims in tow. But it was nice to see the bumper-sticker guy see his worldview crumble under the weight of something he probably didn't expect - Muslim McCain supporters at the rally, itself.

Monday, October 20, 2008

nothing like a good election - 5

Way to go, Ohio

This just makes me sick. Of course, it's al-Jazeera, so it's biased on its face. But man, this is some scary commentary.

"I'm afraid that if he wins, the black will take over."

"When you've got a n*gg*r running for president, you need a first stringer. He's only a second stringer."

I mean, what the hell? Shove a camera in their faces and they'll say just about anything.

Friday, October 17, 2008

2008 Presidential Election Predictions

Okay, okay, so I was a little off when I predicted it'd be Obama/Edwards vs McCain/Guiliani. And I suppose that's good and bad: good for Obama, bad for McCain. Surely by now I don't have to tell you why?

But, having admitted I'm no ace at gazing into the future, I'm going to make a few more predictions for the rest of October. I bear no responsibility for their veracity, and will accept no blame if they come true. I will, however, accept a book deal - preferably from the same company that puts a new Sylvia Browne potboiler out every six #$%^'n months.

1: Gas Prices will continue to drop, or stay about where they are now... barring another hurricane, earthquake or act of terrorism. Why this is, I bet you can guess.

2: The Economy... well, normally I'd say it'll be pretty good, too, and I'd say you could guess why. But it's proving me a liar, so I'm guessing it's going to rally just a little before the end so either side can say the bailout "worked."

3: They will either catch Osama bin Laden, or say they killed him. This will be hailed as the great endcap victory to our war on terror (much like "winning" in Iraq was the great victory) and shower praise and plaudits on W, his administration, his lovely wife, and everyone in between... including McCain.

4: That whole mess concerning Obama's supposedly being ineligible to be President will be trundled out by FOX News at the last week, in the hopes of sabotaging things. Whether it goes anywhere or not depends on how willing the electorate is to listen to the ins and outs of immigration law.

5: Someone will do a flash video of "What What in the Butt" using that picture of McCain apparently trying to give Obama a rimjob at the last debate. (see above)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

nothing like a good election - 4

Okay, now THIS is disappointing. Shame on whomever thought this would be an acceptable t-shirt to make and wear.

How does wearing that t-shirt make you any different from the people who are deriding Obama because of his ancestry, his middle name, or his time in a Muslim country?

"Cunt" and "Bitch" are "nigger" and "towelhead," too.

Is Palin an idiot? Yes. Is Palin hypocritical? Yes. Should she be pilloried for those things? Hell yes.

But leave her gender out of it, please. These shirts are making us look no better than the other side. We HAVE to be better than that.

(That said, I want one of these)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

nothing like a good election - 3

It looks like the hate isn't just reserved for Obama - his supporters may be getting the runaround, too.

Here's an example from North Carolina: this fellow has decided that if you have an Obama bumper sticker in your car, you can't park in his parking lot.

“I don’t know how many ways you can interpret it. If you’re an Obama supporter, you’ve got an Obama sticker on your car, you’re not welcome to park here,” says Henderson.

Video reports of the matter can be found at the post on Crooks and Liars, here. It's rather funny to hear him try to explain himself to the mayor - he thinks it's just a joke, but others are not amused.

Does anyone else out there have any examples like this of McCain folks denying service to Obama supporters? Conversely, has anyone found any sign of Obama folks doing the same thing?

(hat tip to Crooks & Liars, by way of Silent Patriot)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

nothing like a good election - 2

And here's some of those folks talking to their candidate, and booing him for not being as mean-spirited as they are.

As has been pointed out: the amen corner has been whipping up fear, mistrust and hatred since Barack Obama stepped out into the limelight. Now it's at the boiling point. What did McCain expect would happen? What did he think he would hear?

I think he knows it's over and is trying to make nice, since he's going to be only visiting the white house for the next four years and not living in it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

nothing like a good election

Here's a sampling of the more idiotic McCain supporters filing into a speech.

Of course, I wonder how things would have if it'd been an Obama speech and the McCain folks were protesting. I suspect the language would have been different, but the venom the same.