Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday Night Music 7 13 10

Back when the 80's were where I was at, and New Wave was the music to listen to, a quartet of new rockers from down under were putting out some really interesting stuff. Icehouse (Previously Flowers) had a self-titled (sort of) album that alternated between rockin (we can get together), creepy (icehouse), and both (sister, fatman, etc). I got it based on the strength of We Can Get Together, but kept listening for the eerie songs that seemed to perfectly communicate alienation, old curses coming back around again, and things that were just not quite right.

Icehouse changed over the years, and became more about jazz and whatever was going through Iva Davies' mind at the time. But this album's always been in my top ten. If you can find it (maybe as Flowers) get it. You won't be sorry.

This is Icehouse, off the album Icehouse, by Icehouse. It's creepy and surreal and screams 80's, but it's never lost its dark charm.


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