Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Night Music 6 22 10

I'm great with remembering songs, but not always go good at knowing who they're by, or what the name was. It may have something to do with how I can't remember people's names so well, or maybe I just don't catch them. I dunno.

For years, I had no idea who Boz Scaggs was. I heard he hated the Dead Kennedys but that was all I really knew about him. I thought - perhaps unfairly - that with a name like that he was probably some 70's cock rocker who sang about fast cars, faster women, and what happens when your penis won't work.

And I supposed I'd probably heard something by him - some snazzy, hard rockin' ballad about the night she came home and announced she'd found a man with a better car and a working dick - but damned if I knew what it was.

So tonight, at work, a customer comes up with some $6.66 treasures from our speed table, very vocally happy to have found these hard to find things. One of them is one of Boz Scaggs albums, and I mentioned that I had no idea what any of his songs were. He said they were good, and brought back memories of when he was in college, so I said I'd have to youtube him when I got home.

And yes, I DO know Boz Scaggs. I liked "lowdown," and "Lido Shuffle" was one I remember from when I was a kid - whenever my dad and I were driving somewhere, it would invariably come on, and he'd sing along with it (sort of). I thought it was "leo," and had no idea what he was singing about. Maybe it's just as well?

Just goes to show - there's all this stuff from your childhood that you don't quite remember correctly, and there but for the grace of some gray cells go our recollection of times gone by. But the music's still out there, waiting for us to rediscover it, one youtube dive at a time.

So here's something I don't normally play here - jazzy soft rock from the 70's. I'll play some songs about your woman helping satan steal and screw your car next week. honest.


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