Thursday, June 24, 2010

Proof that James O Keefe III is a LIAR

okeefe liar

James O Keefe III. "Investigative journalist without formal training." "Guerrilla documentarian." "Daredevil videographer."

Sleazy, lying fuck.

Remember when he got famous for "exposing" ACORN? Well guess what - he, in turn, has been exposed. A lengthy investigation into the matter has shown that the two large examples of his anti-ACORN sting - the human smuggling and pornography ring "help" they gave him - were not as they appeared to be. In the former, the person asked more questions so, as we've since learned, he could call the police on O'Keefe and his accomplice, and in the second, the ACORN employee turned away from O'Keefe as soon as he revealed she was a "prostitute" and talked directly to her, to tell her she could do anything she wanted.

He didn't even go into the offices in the pimp suit, as he claimed!

It's all here in this bit by Rachel Maddow. Watch it for the full story.

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Obviously, ACORN is not squeaky clean. They have made mistakes. Not all of them were simple, innocent goofs. But the things that they were accused of doing by O'Keefe - and got employees fired - appear to be total misrepresentations of what actually happened.

Lies, in other words. Damned, disgusting lies that were told with the hopes of making O'Keefe some cred with the FOX News crowd and taking down a valuable community service.

I think some people at FOX need to be making some apologies. Of course, they never will.

I also think O'Keefe needs to be shamed out of holding a camera ever again, except to take a picture of how pathetic he looks on any given day as he's sitting in jail for whatever bad stunt he's pulled this week.


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