Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Orly Loses, Damon Wins - Let the Lawsuit Storm Begin!

As expected - unless you were living on Planet Duh - Orly Taitz lost her primary bid to become California's Secretary of State. What? 'Is she taking it gracefully?' Are you STILL on Planet Duh?

orly loses primary

No, the outcome was never in doubt - unless you were deluded, MIA, or watching the hysterical spin some political blogs put on it yesterday. But yes, in case you didn't hear, Orly Taitz is not going to be the Republican Candidate for California's Secretary of State. Her chief rival, Damon Dunn, beat her with about 75% of the vote.

Is she taking it at all well? No she is not.

In an open letter to failed Republican Gubernatorial candidate - and "billioner" - Steve Poizner, she revealed that there may have been... a plot!

In my election in Los Angeles county I got over 30% and statewide 26%, but all in all there was a wall, and tea party backed candidates, anti illegal immigration candidates, pro second amendmet(sic) candidates, anti-corrupt establishment candidates were kept behind that wall.


If they go through amnesty, it is the end of the republic as we know it. We will be a de facto destitute third world banana republic

I hope Steve Poizner [who lost the Republican gubernatorial primary to Meg Whitman] does not stop the fight. He is a billioner.

He can provide financial support for legal actions, canvassing, analysis of Diebolt and Sequoia voting machines, outreach to the voters to fight corrupt and toxic thugs in the media.

He is a father. I hope he wants his daughter and his future granchildren to live in a constitutional Republic, not tyranny that we are seing today.

In other words: Orly and those like her were "diebolded" out of their rightful spot in the election, toxic thugs in the media are going to keep quiet about it, and Steve Poizner should send some money. Like soon. Maybe before the $20,000 she still owes is asked for, more forcibly this time...

And then there's the matter of the lawsuit her and her flying monkey, Pamela Barnett, are trying to get going to as to bar Damon Dunn from being on the ballot. They claim he is in violation of election rules because he was a registered Democrat within the last 12 months. As with many things Orly, this is simply not true, but that hasn't stopped them from claiming conspiracy!!!!!!!!! and suing accordingly.

Damon Dunn is, to his credit, taking the high road and trying not to get tangled in a war of words with his self-appointed Javert - not even using the microphone to mock her when she interrupted his speech at a Tea Party gathering to try and start with him. To the rest of us, that shows class. To Orly it probably just meant he had something to hide...

I don't think this saga's going to be over for some time. And, as a sad postscript, while it's good that Dunn cleaned Orly's clock at the ballot box, we still have to remember that, even in California, 372,490 people thought she would do a better job than him, even though it was readily apparent that, all other issues she brought up notwithstanding, her main goal for her time in office was to try to bring down the President of the United States on specious charges...

hey, wait. What was I saying about Planet Duh?

In other electoral news, Jerry "moonbeam" Brown came in first in the Democratic Primary for Governor, which means that it's time to dust off those old Dead Kennedys records and remember when...



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