Saturday, May 29, 2010

Birther King Fails

Oh, the humanity! We were told that Andy Martin - "Birther King" - had the goods on President Obama, but all he seems to have had was the opportunity to waste our time. Is truth in advertising too much to ask?

In what can only be described as a sorry exercise in false advertising, Andy Martin - "birther king," rejected Republican, vexatious litigant, and noxious judeophobe - failed to deliver a promised "unique insight" into why President Barack Obama is ineligible for his office. The only thing Martin seems to have done is proven, yet again, that bad publicity is self-propelling.

As if to foreshadow the fail to come, Andy was two hours late to his own press conference*, which took place on the public sidewalk in front of the FDR station in New York. Our friends at Oh For Goodness Sake suggested that this location was chosen so he could claim he had lots of attendees, even if they were just passing by to catch the train and stopped to see what the fuss was about.

And what did Andy Martin have to say? Well, according to him, Barack Obama is ineligible to be President because... (drum roll please) his father was an African national, and therefore not an American citizen, and since one apparently needs citizen parentS to be a Natural Born Citizen, Barack Obama cannot be a Natural Born Citizen, and therefore cannot be eligible for the Presidency!

(Taa-DAA! Big smile. Chirping crickets.)

Yeah, that was really it. That was his much-ballyhooed "legal opinion," which his "research team" spent all this time helping him develop.

Maybe he could have saved himself some time and just called other Birthers who've said almost the exact same thing? Except that they'd probably want to share the spotlight with him, and could probably tell him that - in all candor - no one outside of the Birthers thinks that theory holds any water. In fact it's been kiboshed fairly handily.

So the only really unique things in this "blockbuster" were his trying to nose his way into the Lakin affair (and failing to address the de facto officer issue), and the stunning admission that maybe, just maybe, he was wrong about the President's origins.

"Ironically, I have advanced the theory that Obama’s real, or biological, father is Frank Marshall Davis. If my theory is correct, and only if my theory is correct, is Obama actually an NBC. Davis was indisputably an American citizen."

So if he's wrong, he's right, but if he's right, he's wrong. Long have I waited to see such gleefully unaware self-mockery.

And then, at the end of his press release - after calling Barack Obama a "drive by President" - Martin has the nerve to ask that same President to take him into his confidence:

"Just as an aside, you might suggest to the president that he authorize me and other scholars to receive a copy of the 1961 Hawai'i birth certificate. That would help lift the cloud on his origins though not on his NBC status. Every little bit helps."

Uh huh. Yeah.

So no, there was no "blockbuster" hitting the Pentagon yesterday, as promised. Just another dud, lobbed by fellow whose only real claim to fame at this point is that he's wrongly famous for being rightly infamous.

* EDIT: An excellent question has been asked - do we even know if the Press Conference took place? It's been a couple days since he released this "blockbuster" of a turd and we have yet to see photos, follow-ups, or anyone else saying they were there. If an internet powerhouse falls, and no one is nearby, does he make a sound?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, were you actually at the press conference? I was wondering whether it even took place -- that blockbuster letter to Gen. Casey that was its rationale was released at 2:30 along with the announcement of the postponement.

1:30 PM  
Blogger J. Edward Tremlett said...

No, I wasn't. I was taking him at his word that he actually DID go through with this. But then, I suppose one never knows. Excellent question - thank you.

5:41 PM  

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