Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Birther, Can You Spare a Dime? Orly Fine UPHELD

In a long-overdue, but not surprising move, an appeals court ruled that Orly Taitz's $20,000 fine for wasting Judge Land's time in Georgia must be upheld. Which means, quite simply, that Orly Taitz is soon to be out 20K that she may or may not have.

Orly has vowed in the past to not pay the fine. If she remains defiant on that point, her principles may land her in even more hot water, seeing as how the US Attorney's office has been dispatched to collect the dough. And somehow I doubt they're going to be dissuaded by a couple fake Kenyan Birth Certificates, a slinky dress, and a promise of free dental work for life.

Saying this hasn't been Orly's month is putting it lightly. She tried to get on the ballot for California's Secretary of State, saying that she would use that office to make Obama cough up his Birth Certificate for once and for all. Unsurprisingly, she did not win the nomination, and thereupon went after the man who did -- Damon Dunn -- by way of a criminal complaint, claiming he was ineligible to hold the post due to irregularities in his records.

That makes TWO black men Orly's gone after for ineligibility, in case you're keeping count. Is anyone else seeing a pattern, here?

As of this writing, Orly's fair-weather friends at World Net Daily have yet to comment on the upholding of her fine, except to post a link to the Ledger Enquirer story. No doubt Joseph "Mr. Mustache" Farah - himself considering legal remedy to lose the tag of "Birther" that he brought squarely upon himself - will charge to her rescue with a well-timed editorial in the next few days.

In the meantime, perhaps our friends at AXJ would care to comment on this latest turn of events? They have been strangely silent on the matter of late - ever since it was revealed that Orly knew she was engaging a known forger in her legal crusade, they haven't talked much about her at all. Is this because the light of reason has come shining down, showing them that they backed the wrong horse and rider this whole time? Or did their parents ground them off the internet for a few months?

As with many things, we will just have to see what develops. I'm expecting a high-noon showdown outside Orly's dental office, possibly fought with Moldavian curses and water picks as those nice people from the US Attorney's office come to take everything of value away. A lesson to us all!


Speaking of lessons for us all, I really should be more careful about my reading skills, as I was clearly wrong to declare Orly out of the running for California's Secretary of State post. She is indeed in the running for the June primary. What she failed to do was convince the California Republican Assembly to give her their endorsement -- they went for Dunn, instead.


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Hi, I'm Montana, and I can't help but spam sites with my one-size-fits-all anti-republican drivel. I have no life otherwise. I know all about W.A.C.O. because I boarded myself into my parents' basement ten years ago... and I ain't comin out! (Except to get pizza, donuts, and doritos... and maybe some diet coke)

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