Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Birther King to Explain Obama's Ineligibility?

Hold onto your hats, folks! It looks like "Birther King" - really "doubter king" - Andy Martin has something to say! Really!

Andy Martin. Self-proclaimed internet powerhouse. "Birther King." Rumor Monger. Serial vexatious litigationist. Unwelcome Republican. Notorious Judeophobe.

And the man who's going to bring down the Obama Administration?

According to a piece up at PR-Inside.com, Andy Martin is going to hold a press conference on May 26th to explain - hopefully in some detail - how President Obama is ineligible to hold office. Apparently, the evidence he's going to present came directly from Obama's own lips!

The Birther Chronicles Part Three: Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin will state that Barack Obama is not eligible to be president and comment on the case of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin

Martin says that his research team has canvassed the law and is prepared to issue a definitive analysis and opinion concerning Obama’s eligibility


“During the past six years that I have studied Barack Obama the ‘natural born citizen’ issue has risen to paramount importance. Previously I have not expressed a definitive opinion. On Wednesday I will do so.

“My conclusion is that Barack Obama is not constitutionally eligible, by his own admission, to serve as president.

well blow me down! He wouldn't be the first to say this, of course, but he would be the first person to camp out in Hawai'i and try to force the state to give him access to Obama's birth records.

(He showed up on a furlough Friday, and therefore got no love)

I'm wondering what exactly he's going to say at this conference. What words has Obama said that lead Martin to think he's not eligible?

Is he taking the argument that his father's foreign citizenship leaked over onto Obama, when he's spread rumors about Obama's real father being someone else?

Is he going to push the "not born in Hawai'i" canard when he admits that he doesn't NOT think Obama was born there (though that hasn't stopped him from launching lawsuits against the state to see the documents in question).

Well, whatever it is, he claims it's going to be a "blockbuster" when it reaches the Pentagon. It'll probably help LTC Lakin out, too, though Martin's taking pains to let folks know that while he isn't with him in court, he's with him in spirit.

(Which is a good thing, as it seems poor Lakin could use a lot of help from the sidelines, given what a bozo his lawyer seems to be.)

So what sort of legal brilliance will Andy Martin stun us with tomorrow, and will it involve Jews? Tune in and see.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So far, LTC Lakin's lawyer has based Lakin's supposed defense solely on the claim that Obama did not establish that he was born in Hawaii.

Andy Martin, on the other hand, says that he is inclined to believe that Obama was born in Hawaii, but is ineligible because of his father's British citizenship.

So it's no wonder that Martin is trying to work Lakin's case from the outside -- it's still an open question whether Lakin is really ready to spring for the two-citizen-parent nonsense.

It will get interesting when the court-martial refuses to admit citizenship evidence because it is irrelevant to the charges against Lakin. Then we'll get to see how far our doctor/"patriot" is truly willing to go.

9:01 AM  

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