Monday, June 23, 2008

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If you get some email claiming some weird disaster has happened, like, say, the Eiffel Tower getting kidnapped, or Donald Trump's hair being leveled by an earthquake, DON'T CLICK ON IT.

If you're not sensible enough to avoid clicking it (because, hey, you could have gotten this important news out of the blue, right?) and you wind up at an innocent-looking porn site instead, DON'T CLICK ON ANYTHING THERE.

What, you clicked on the porn site you shouldn't have gone to when you clicked on the weird news item you shouldn't have gotten in your email??? YOU FOOL! You've been victimized by the STORM WORM!!!!!

The Storm worm's authors have temporarily abandoned their tactic of using recent news headlines and are instead using fabricated events.

Researchers have reported a new round of spam tied to the Storm network which alludes to fake news stories.


However, the links direct to a page designed to resemble adult video site Porntube. When users click on one of the supposed video links on the page, an executable is launched which installs the Storm malware.

"This clever social engineering technique plays on people's inquisitiveness about news of natural disasters and celebrities," said McAfee researcher Kevin McGhee.


"There mustn't be much going on in the world today as the Nuwar [Storm] spammers have moved from jumping on real news of natural disasters and current affairs to creating their own fictional events," noted McGhee.

"This high volume spam campaign is using some wacky subjects to lure people into clicking on the links."

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