Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hello, Stormfront/BNP Friends!

I wondered how the BNP Supporters found my article about the truth about their beloved party so quickly. Well - I guess I've got my answer! I merited a thread at Stormfront - an infamous gathering place for the "White Nationalist Community."

This is a two-way street, lunchbox. ... Without being clever enough to realize it, you have asked us to justify our very existence.

While the indigenous people of Britain only ask that non-Whites leave a White nation, you condemn our race to death for our inability to answer why it is we should exist, as if your fat ass were the Creator.

While you may be God amongst your purse full of Barbie Dolls, here, in the real world, you're just another scrawny internet-punk.

I'd like for you to come and pay me a visit out here, and we can conduct a little experiment to see just how long you'd remain living while hanging with your brothas from anotha motha.

Well, tempting as it might be to take up Stuka1488's offer, I'm a little leery of paying visits to people who name themselves after a Nazi warplane. Call it a hunch that I'd be dealing with someone like this at best. And at worst...

But while I've got you all here, watching, I sure hope you could clear a few things up for me. The previous folks who stumbled over this way did a cute song and dance about how bad immigration is, how awful non-White people are, and how the "White Race" is supposedly going to be extinct in so many years, but they really didn't touch the big questions in a meaningful manner.

So, let it not be said I'm not listening. Can someone out there from Stormfront and/or the BNP please enlighten me as to the following?

* What is so special about the White Race that we have to protect it from extinction?

* Please provide links to evidence that the White Race is in danger of being wiped out.

* The Guardian Reported that the BNP tells its members to refrain from racist and antisemitic language in public. Shouldn't that be a warning flag that there's a real concern of it occurring because many, if not most, of the members of the BNP are likely to engage in that kind of talk?

* The BNP allows Jews in, now. How do you feel about that?

* Please give me your straight-up, no-chaser definition of the Holocaust, including how many people died in it.

* Why should we believe that Nick Griffin has recanted his previous views on the Holocaust when, just last year, he was quoted as saying that he only believed in the Holocaust because European law required him to do so?

* Nick Griffin, speaking to Wales on Sunday, 1996: "All black people will be repatriated, even if they were born here ... We must preserve the white race, because it has been responsible for all the good things in civilisation”. Now he says he's for voluntary repatriation of non-Whites. Should we believe him?

* Given that the BNP isn't exactly accepting of homosexuality, how does it feel to have a man who directed a gay-themed 'Art film" as your representative on the London Assembly?

Hit us up at your leisure, Stormy boys. Me and the Barbie Dolls would love to hear from you.


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