Tuesday, May 13, 2008


You know, you’d be surprised how angry some people get when you just tell the truth.

When I wrote about the BNP’s recent electoral wins, and the truth about what the organization was, and still is, I got quite a few upset comments from people who “supported” the party, but weren’t members for some strange reason. There were a lot of hurt feelings about supposed suppositions on my part, as well my pesky claim that the primary reason the party is concerned about increased non-White immigration into the UK is racist in nature.

Of course, the fact that, in their responses, those persons revealed that I had been telling the truth was somewhat gratifying. It’s hard to not laugh when they prove you right while trying to prove you wrong. But there are some legitimate points that had been raised, and these should be addressed.

1) If you’re really worried that unchecked mass immigration is going to make the White Race… *cough* excuse me, TRADITIONAL Britons a minority in the UK in 50 years and extinct in 200, then maybe you should consider cutting back on the amount that people are taxed. I think it’s telling that a large number of people who leave the UK are Britons heading for Spain or France, where they can live without being punished by onerous taxes. Most of the Brits I knew from my time in the UAE were working overseas because they didn’t want pay through the nose, anymore. Just a thought!

2) Being swamped with immigrants is NOT genocide. And trying to conflate it with genocide is a slap in the face to anyone who’s ever been the victim of genocide. You can monkey around with the UN’s definition of genocide all you like, but it’s not going to help you on that one.

As for the rest of what I had to say regarding the BNP’s racism, I stand by my comments 100%. And I’d like to end this missive with a song for my new BNP supporting friends. It goes to the tune of “Parklife” by Blur. Sing along, boys…


There’s genocide of British Whites, and that isn’t quite alright, and that’s why I’m with the (BNP)
But nasty looks can pass you by if you just alter your words and lie, like we do these days in the (BNP)
Nick Griffin’s got a plan to rid the UK of dirty, Non-White types, just stick with it and you’ll see (BNP)
Don’t say “Throw the Wogs out” … just talk about voluntary repatriation… you’d be surprised how well that works, these days.


Let me show you what I mean:
If you can say with a straight face that you just love the British race, you’re just the sort of bloke that we need (BNP)
No racist talk in public, and no bad words about Jews. We’ve got a couple around here, too, somewhere. (BNP)
Use cooked demographic studies, and horror stories from the news. It makes it look like we’re really on to something (BNP)
And if they still call you racist, well, your dictionary proves them wrong. Separatism isn’t supremacy, now is it?



If I want to see quaint foreign customs, I can always go on vacation.
And if I want proper curry I can always figure it out myself, you know?

(Chorus) X2


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