Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Obama as Monkey T-shirt on sale in Georgia

Just in case the "B. Hussein Obama" shtick was getting old, you can now be Islamophobic AND racist at the same time with the purchase of this amusing t-shirt. You'll have to drive to Cobb County, Georgia to get one, though.

Marietta bar owner Mike Norman says the T-shirts he's peddling, featuring a look-a-like of cartoon chimp Curious George peeling a banana, with "Obama in '08" underneath, are not meant to offend.

Norman acknowledged the imagery's Jim Crow roots but said he sees nothing wrong with depicting a prominent African-American as a monkey

Of course, those out protesting are wrong to demand he stop selling them, just as they're also wrong to demand he stop putting up pieces of "Wisdom" on his sign (one example: 'I wish Hillary had married O.J.') He's got his right to free speech, too, even if it's racist swill.

I found this bit interesting, though: "Someone — "probably a customer, I don't know" — from Arkansas sent him the shirts, Norman says."

Arkansas? I wonder who that might have been...


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