Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In fairness to Robert Spencer...

... it looks like he was as taken aback by the blurb at frontpage that I reported on, too. At his blog at Jihad Watch, he says.

The subhead on FrontPage's front page reads: "Accidentally shooting a Qur'an was stupid; the way we apologized may have made matters worse." This line was apparently based on the Qur'an-shooter's denial that he knew the book he was shooting at was a Qur'an. I noted his denial in the article, but in fact I think it's much more likely that he did know what book he was shooting at, and that the shooting was in no way an accident.

So noted, and I retract my criticism of what appeared to be his playing both sides of the fence.

I still think his larger point - that apologizing to the extent that we did was bad - was in error, though.


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