Sunday, June 24, 2007

Oh, he DID? (And he's NOT?)

Remember back in April, when I did a somewhat surreal post concerning A Certain Right Wing "Cyberjournalist" Who Shares A Last Name With Edgar Allen Poe?

Well, I made a prediction that he wouldn't post THAT on his net chatter thing on his site because, well, I said a lot of weird things. And he did, anyway.

I find that really funny.

I also find it funny that, in the meantime, he's left his position at

Well, it was short and sweet. My tenure as editorial director of (TVO) came to an end last night, having lasted only three months, from February 1 to April 30, 2007.

Following a candid discussion with TVO Founder and Chairman Rod Martin last night, we agreed to end our association, due to our differing and strongly-held views concerning organizational priorities and strategy. Honorable men can agree to disagree, and so Rod Martin and I have done.

CYA? Apparently not - Mr. Martin later chimes in on the comments, so it looks like it's still love/love all around, there.

I wonder what they disagreed on. I'm betting our friend wanted to take it in a direction that was too extreme or 'out there,' but for all we know it might have just been someone breaking toys and stomping off.



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