Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tom Tomorrow on "Great" Moments in Punditry

From the huffpo column, here

He quotes Cal Thomas at length: When the Berlin Wall fell and Eastern Europe escaped from the shackles of communism, I wrote that we must not forget the enablers, apologists and other "fellow travelers" who helped sustain communism's grip on a sizable portion of humanity for much of the 20th century. I suggested that a "cultural war crimes tribunal" be convened, at which people from academia, the media, government and the clergy who were wrong in their assessment of communism would be forced to confront their mistakes. While not wishing to deprive anyone of his or her right to be wrong, it wouldn't hurt for these people to be held accountable.

In 2003, he wanted nay-sayers on Iraq to face a similar tribunal. I think we should form one for pro-sayers, myself. And I volunteer to turn state's evidence.


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