Saturday, April 21, 2007

When "Christians" Attack

Master Storyteller Mike Daisey had his "Invincible Summer" show interrupted last night. Apparently a Christian group was in attendance and, when they realized the show wasn't what they thought it was going to be, they all walked out.

All well and good, but one of the walkers got on stage and poured water all over his notes. As Daisey puts it:

I doubt I will ever forget the look in his face as he defaced the only original of the handwritten show outline--it was a look of hatred, and disgust, and utter and consuming pride.

It is a face I have seen in Riefenstahl's work, and in my dreams, but never on another human face, never an arm's length from me--never directed at me, hating me, hating my words and the story that I've chosen to tell. That face is not Christian, by any definition Christ would be proud to call his own--its naked righteousness and contempt have nothing to do with the godhead, and everything to do with pathetic human pride at its very worst.

I'm applauding the man's restraint. Me, I just might have gotten up and decked the fucker. Daisey settled for calling them cowards.


Anonymous Wendy said...

Amazing. Maybe a person needs a sense of history to be truly horrified, but it reminds me of the early descriptions of brown-shirts. Thank you for posting this. Found your site via some research I was doing on riots in the suburbs of Paris a few years ago...anyway, delighted I found you.

3:13 PM  

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