Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How Frontpage Magazine Does(n't) Work

This is just too delicious for words.

About a year ago, David Mills called foul on Frontpage Magazine's publishing articles by race-baiting author Lawrence Auster. He fired off an 11 page letter providing Horowitz with information about Auster's apparent racism. In response Dr. Ho said "I think it's a persuasive argument for not running Auster unless he publicly repudiates these positions which are racist and offensive."

And all was well, at least until May 3rd, when Frontpage ran something by him, again. David Mills, rightfully appalled, fired off another email asking what they were thinking, and - perhaps worried of further negative publicity - Dr. Ho has broken off all connection with Auster, again (maybe this time for sure!) and fired off some intriguing emails with the man.

Lawrence Auster reprinted the email exchange verbatim here. Check them out: if you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at Dr. Ho's flagship publication, I think you'll find those naked missives illuminating. (Be sure to check out the comment trail below from Auster's true believers.)

Just another victim of the PC police? Maybe. But then, this is the same Dr. Ho who Didn't go off on Mel Gibson over his anti-semitic comments, wanting to talk instead about Jimmy Carter and anti-christian bigotry. And the same Dr. Ho who Gets upset when others call him a racist, but still lets Coulter have her column there even though she calls people "ragheads".

I don't know that the man, himself, is racist. But he has a bad habit of surrounding himself with people who are. Is this a sign of not watching what's going on in his own backyard, or is he so desperate for friends he'll let anyone on board?


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