Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BREAKING NEWS - MSU Griffin Speech Cancelled

"Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?" - Johnny Rotten.

Straight from the horse-rider's mouth, by way of the American Renaissance site.

The newly-formed registered student organization at Michigan State University, the Sons of Liberty, cancelled its first public event. Nick Griffin, a democratically-elected member of the European Parliament and chairman of the British National Party, was scheduled to speak at MSU on February 18 regarding the fraud of man-made global warming. The event was cancelled because left-wing agitators caused other organizations to cancel their own events that featured Griffin, and it could not be justified for Griffin to fly to the U.S. to only speak at MSU and at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C.


Jordan Zammit, the founder and president of the Sons of Liberty, said, “The Left does a very good job of advocating free speech for themselves while denying it to others. I am very proud to say that the Sons of Liberty, in its inaugural run, did what it was meant to do and that is ensure that all points of view are presented and that the first amendment is upheld for ALL people to the fullest. If the other speaking venues would not have canceled and his speaking tour called off, I can assure you Mr. Griffin would have been here Thursday afternoon as scheduled, intimidation or not.


Zammit also said, “Although Griffin was targeted in Sweden with assassination by leftists when they tried to bomb the train he was riding on in 2006, members of the Sons of Liberty were not—and are not—afraid of the red menace. My organization is made up of common sense young men and women, both considerably liberal and conservative, of numerous races and creeds, whom all believe that the rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution are something sacred, and that no matter who is speaking, he or she has every right to, and whether you agree with them or not, it can never hurt to listen.”

Not that coming to listen would have been all that easy. According to Todd Heywood at the Michigan Messenger, no one wanted to give out the info on where the talk was going to be held. For a while it looked like the only people who were invited were members of the Sons of Liberty! But he persevered and finally found it the talk was going to be at the MSU Student Union... though that's a moot point now.

So who are the Sons of Liberty? Where will they strike next? And will we hear about it at all? Tune in to the rANT Farm!


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