Monday, February 01, 2010

Birther Bombshell! Orly Admits to Working With Forgers

A short while ago, in the column Birtherdammerung, I noted that the Birther community seemed to be devouring its own children. And it couldn't happen to a nicer family, really!

One of the visible signs of that was on display a short time ago in a South Florida courtroom, in which some of the central players in Birthistan were all facing one another, knives out, over an entirely non-Birther matter. We had Orly Taitz on the witness stand, being grilled by Phil Berg over whether or not a signature on a legal document was hers, and on Berg's side were not only Charles Edward "Anarchy" Lincoln III, but bogus birth certificate hustler extraordinaire Lucas Smith.

The fur flew. Berg kept on Orly about her relationship with Lincoln, Orly accused Berg of extortion, and Orly's rather sensible counsel tried to keep it clean. To her credit, the Judge didn't let it turn into another Birth-go-round, but some things did peek out around the edges of the central question. To wit:

The Witness: I never told anybody to say anything not true. Lucas Smith who is now entering the courtroom has been convicted of forgery and will clearly not reliable so.


Yes, both Lucas Smith, who is here in court, has been convicted of forgery. Larry Sinclair has multiple convictions of forgery. They both perjured themselves. ...

Q. Now isn't it true that what you are relating to the Court right now, about Lucas Smith and Larry Sinclair, you knew that before you asked them to testify in your court case; is that correct?


A. That's correct. May I explain?

The explanation takes several pages, and starts on page 30 of the transcript, here.

The short answer is that she knew Lucas was a forger, and wasn't sure about the certificate he was peddling, but wanted it put into the record so she could get full discovery, march over to Hawai'i, and get Obama's vault copy of his birth certificate.

(Lucas Smith comes in on page 45 and plays it both ways, saying that at first Orly wanted to authenticate the certificate, but then said that it didn't matter because "the burden of proof is on Barack Obama.")

Now, this isn't exactly new news. Back in October, Larry "Limousine" Sinclair claimed that Orly admitted to him that she knew "the Kenyan Birth Certificates she filed in Court in her California case, as genuine, claiming President Obama was born in Kenya, were fake and fraudulent."

(Of course, that puts us in the awful position of trusting the word of a man who claims Barack Obama and he had a coke-fueled gay sex thang in the back of a limo.)

But now we have it from her own lips. She WASN'T SURE whether the really-real Kenyan birth certificate was actually really-real - much less Kenyan - and KNEW it came from a person convicted of forgery, but RAN WITH IT, anyway, in the hopes that she could get expedited discovery.

In my mind, that's like a prosecutor knowingly putting a false piece of evidence into the court in the hopes of getting a probably-guilty defendant to change his plea and fess up on the witness stand. And saying that's highly unethical is putting it mildly.

If there was ever a reason to drop-kick this woman's butt through the goalposts of disbarment in California, this is probably it. May it be soon.


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