Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nick Griffin's Unexcellent American Adventure

Hot on the heels of the British National Party's being forced to admit non-White members, Nick Griffin's tour of America is going rather poorly. Maybe he should have stayed at home.

Some days, it doesn't pay to get out of bed. But for Nick Griffin, spokesperson of the until-just-recently Whites Only British National Party, it hasn't paid to get out of bed for at least a few months. Perhaps he will do us all a favor and stay under covers from here on out.

The trouble started back in September, when, at long last, the Commission for Equality & Human Rights realized that the BNP's long-demonized "no non-Whites" membership clause was just a little racist, and insisted that they change, giving them until a certain date to so so.

Griffin and his fellow boneheads were defiant, of course, but admitted that they would have to knuckle under. Attempting to get that decision reversed would have taken time and money that the BNP, by Griffin's own admission, did not have. So rather than be economically bled to death, the party has just voted to amend their constitution and allow non-Whites to join.

"We recognise legal reality," Griffin told the BBC: "They can't call us racist any more."

Sure enough, they have their first possible non-White member waiting. A septuagenarian Sikh who's lived in England since 1967. He's articulate, well-spoken, and hideously Islamophobic - having lived through the horrors of the Indian partition, and become worried that England is about to become a Muslim state.

(Which just goes to show that 1) Just because someone's a member of a minority religion, it doesn't make them a wise and even-tempered person, and 2) some people just deserve each other.)

But Nick's not the type to sit at home and lick his wounds. Instead, he has embarked on a tour of America, hoping to speak on various topics before ending at the White Separatist American Renaissance conference in Washington D.C.

Or so he planned, anyway. According to our friends at YAF-Watch, Nick Griffin's stop at Kenyon College was canceled when the sponsor learned what a dogs-lunch Mr. Griffin was, and the American Renaissance conference itself was canceled when anti-fascists rained on their parade.

That leaves only a barely-advertised stop at Michigan State University, which has hosted Griffin once before, back when MSU YAF was large and in charge. Now MSU YAF are apparently defunct - or at least uncharacteristically quiet - and a new group calling itself the Sons of Liberty are having Griffin come to tell us about how liberals are trying to ruin national sovereignty with climate change scares.

Jordan Zammit, a political science/pre-law freshman and founder and president of the Sons of Liberty, said, “It is an honor to host a distinguished speaker like Nick Griffin. His views will greatly contribute to the marketplace of ideas which is a fundamental aspect of a collegiate education.” The Sons of Liberty was named after the secretive pre-Revolutionary War group of American patriots—including Paul Revere, Patrick Henry, John Hancock, and John and Samuel Adams—who advocated for freedom and sovereignty.

Whether Mr. Zammit is fully aware of what Nick Griffin and the BNP stand for is unknown at this time, as is what the Sons of Liberty stand for, and why and how the American Renaissance people got the press release in the first place. Also up in the air is whether the speech will take place, now that the American Renaissance conference is kerflumpt.

We'll have to see how that speech goes, but if it's anything like the last time he came, Griffin may not leave with fond memories of Lansing.


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