Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shock! British National Party to Admit Non-Whites

England's notorious racist organization is being forced to "adapt" to the times and allow in the very same people they were wanting to deport not that long ago. Irony, anyone?

This has been something of a mixed year for the British National Party: a racist, anti-immigration party that wants to return England back to its ancestral racial makeup. On one hand, they got two seats in the European Parliament. "The most demonised and lied about party in British politics has made a massive breakthrough," said party leader Nick Griffin at the time. Others had much less celebratory things to say.

But then the tide started turning once again. Not long after Griffin declared that the BNP has become the "driving force for British politics," we have been shown just how hollow a claim that was. Because rather than pay the million+ pounds to fight a court case against the Commission for Equality & Human Rights, which brought them up for their exclusionary admission policies Nick Griffin has stated that the BNP may, at last, have to admit non-White members.

A full statement from Mr. Griffin can be found here.

The British National Party will have to adapt to the undemocratic Orwellian ‘equality laws’ with regards to party membership criteria, or it will die, party leader Nick Griffin warned ...

“The CEHR move is a deadly serious threat to our very existence,” Mr Griffin said in a statement this evening. He pointed out that the severe danger to the party was illustrated by the fact that the court ordered the BNP to pay the costs of today’s hearing — which amount to thousands of pounds — and yet nothing had been decided.

To pursue the case all the way to an appeal in the House of Lords could cost the party more than a million pounds, he continued. This would effectively strip the party of its ability to fight the next general election....

Adapt or die is the only decision left to make, for failure to adapt would lead either to our being bled white through the courts or crushed by new criminal laws.

In other words, the driving force of British politics can't afford a lengthy legal battle to stay true to itself, so it's turning the "No Blacks, Dogs, or Jews" sign in its "to let" window around for now.

But do not despair, boneheads! This is not the end.

Party unity is priceless, because a party of brothers standing shoulder to shoulder can be persecuted, but it can never be beaten or broken.”

Mr Griffin concluded with a promise that once the party had moved to a “truly defensible position, we will go on the attack. Not just politically, so that our enemies quickly rue the day when they broke the very stick with which they have beaten us for so long, but also legally.

“We will be going into legal battle against Trevor Phillips and the rest of the ‘curs’, but it will be fought on ground that we choose, at the time that we appoint, and with our maximum strength directed against their weakest point. Our time will come — and sooner than they think.”

And if that tactic doesn't work, and the "enemy" floods their membership, Foreign Affairs spokesman Arthur Kemp reassures us that "even if this unlikely scenario ever happens, we will just all leave and start a new party. People vote for the principles of the party, and not the name. We will do that again and again and even if we end up with something called the Ying Tong Tiddle I Po party, we will still be here."

(That's in reference to the Ying Tong Song by the Goons, btw.)

Oh what happy times we live in to see racist cockroaches scuttle away from the light on their hands and knees! This is doubtlessly not the death-knell for the BNP, but it is at least a sign that they are not as powerful as they would have liked to tell us they were.


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