Monday, January 25, 2010

France vs. Islam: No Veils in Public Places?

Once again, the French government seem to want to pander to fear in the name of "liberation" - telling Muslim women not to wear veils in certain public areas.

PARIS — A parliamentary panel will recommend on Tuesday that France ban face-covering Muslim veils in public locations such as hospitals and schools, but not in private buildings or on the street, the group's president said.

The decision appeared to indicate that the 32-member, multiparty panel had heeded warnings that a full ban of the all-encompassing veils would be unfair, possibly unconstitutional, and could even cause trouble in a country where Islam is the second largest religion.

The approximately 170-page report, to be released Tuesday, culminates a six-month inquiry into why a tiny minority of Muslim women wear such veils and the implications for France.

The work began after President Nicolas Sarkozy announced in June that such garb "is not welcome" on French territory. However, Sarkozy has since pulled back from committing himself to a full ban.

Sarkozy has never exactly been a friend to French Muslims. He, like others, were content to blame the riots of 2006 on Islam, itself, instead of considering the economics behind them.

But no one ever accused a politician of thinking. This execrable committee to look into legislating bigotry into law is proof positive of that.


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