Monday, October 05, 2009

Birther Blog - Motion to Dismiss will "Undergo Further Review" by Carter

The pro-birther blog Give us Liberty, who's had live blogging from the courthouse, has announced that Judge Carter isn't going to rule on the Motion to Dismiss today. He also has not given an order for discovery, either, obviously.

From a further update:

11:50 am Pst Gary (Kreep) reported the court is in recess and finished for the day. Intially Justice Carter was leaning to dismiss the case and accept Defendant's MTD, however Orly Taitz and Gary Creeps (sic) made a very impassioned arguement and the gallery burst into applause, the Marshalls did not stop the outburst, and it was felt Justice Carter was swayed by the outburst to not throw out the MTD but rather reconsider his decision.

Yeah. Right. Because a judge is going to put aside his legal reasoning when faced with a gallery of shills who think Obama was born in Kenya. SUUUUURE.

A later update has this clarification:

(Gary's) gut reaction- Justice Carter wants to pass this hot potatoe out of his courtroom. (I'm afraid that ex-marine's knees buckled under pressure from above).

Gary felt Carter wanted to rule against but the courts reaction to Orly's and Kreep's oration stayed his ruling for an in chambers review and ruling. It could come within 24 hours or several days.

Poor spelling AND an accusation of being directed from above. How about that?

In other news, the Supreme Court has "denied without comment a writ of certiorari before judgment in the case of Steven Craig v. United States." So Craig's long-suffering attempt to get the Supreme Court to render a judgment on what exactly "Natural Born Citizen" means is over and done with, at least in this form.

And in a follow-up from yesterday: I owe an apology to the "jerk-off" from AXJ who posted as me on this thread. It would appear that this sorry website of "Templars" has a well-established convention of guests posting as the people whose articles and posts they are re-posting. So there was no attempt at impersonation -- just a sloppy form of attribution on a web forum whose members are under the delusion that they are actually doing something useful.

Unlike we here at the rANT Farm, who know we're just full of hot air :D


Blogger Dr. Conspiracy said...

I had always assumed that AXJ was just one person with a multiple personality disorder.

7:42 AM  
Blogger J. Edward Tremlett said...

Nope. Apparently there's 176 members on that board. Ooooooooo...

8:38 AM  

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