Monday, September 28, 2009

Polanski Finally Nabbed

File it under "too good to be true": After decades of thumbing his nose at the law and living as an exile, admitted kiddy-diddler (and famous Director) Roman Polanski has been arrested - in Switzerland, of all places - and will be coming back to America to face the justice he fled from all those years ago. That's provided the French and Polish governments don't succeed in getting him off the hook.

Polanski seems most likely to spend several months in detention, unless he agrees to forgo any challenge to his extradition to the United States. Under a 1990 accord between Switzerland and the U.S., Washington has 60 days to submit a formal request for his transfer. Rulings in a similar dispute four years ago over Russia's former atomic energy minister Yevgeny Adamov confirmed that subjects should be held in custody throughout the procedure.

That means the procedure for extradition could also be lengthy for the United States. Its request for Polanski's transfer must first be examined by the Swiss Justice Ministry, and once approved it can be appealed at a number of courts.

I'm sure the glitterati of America will soon be out demanding his release because, gosh, it was all those years ago, the victim doesn't care anymore, and he won an Oscar, darn it. But they can suck it, quite frankly. You do not force yourself on a child and get to walk away from it, much less live the life he's lived since he fled for Europe.


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