Sunday, October 04, 2009

At last, the October 5th Birther Show!

Hear ye, hear ye! Tomorrow in the squared circle, we have the reigning tag team of common sense and the law, up against Orly Taitz and her flying monkeys. Who will win?

October 5th: the day the Government asks for a motion to dismiss in the case of Barnett vs. Obama. It may also be the day when we see a massive, classic meltdown on Orly Taitz's behalf when Judge Carter no doubt finds for them, and tells Taitz, Kreep, et. al. to take it up with his circular file.

Doc over at Obama Conspiracy Files has a way to view Orly's website without getting hit by the malware that seems endemic to it, and reports thusly:

Today Orly Taitz tells us that the Washington Post who interviewed her, and who had a photographer do a photo shoot yesterday, will be publishing what Orly calls an “article- biographical expose about me and my legal challenges of Obama’s eligibility” this Monday, October 5, timed for the hearing before Judge Carter in California.


Orly continues to hammer USJF attorney Gary Kreep who is now part of the Barnett v. Obama case representing Markham Robinson and Wiley Drake. She accuses Kreep of messing up her case and doing nothing to help. Now she accuses him of stiffing her out of a $2,000 contribution from a named donor.

Then Orly makes the inexplicable comment:

“I used this motion to simply pour dirt on me.”


I don't know about dirt on her, but I think the dirt's good and shoveled over her case. There really should be no way in Hades that Judge Carter would allow the case to go forward after tomorrow, unless he really wants to stick it to Orly and watch her make a gods-damned fool of herself in front of his court.

Either way, given her behavior in the recent past, I am sure we're in for a show. Look for Judge Carter to go from being a decent guy in her eyes to being another brownshirt with something to lose. Also look for a possible threat of a fine for bad behavior in court if she's dumb enough to go off on him then and there.

Be sure to tune in to Doc's site, and the excellent Oh For Goodness Sake for a compilation of the day's action, as well as good places to hear the news live as it happens.

In other news, we at the rANT Farm would like to thank the jack-off who impersonated us on this thread for getting our name out there amongst the heathens. Hopefully we will all soon see some truth - such as who this mysterious "AXJ" is.


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