Sunday, September 13, 2009

Birthers to Get Their Day In Court (Maybe)

As reported at Below the Beltway, amongst others, Orly Taitz's crazy-poo lawsuit to try and prove that President Obama was actually born in Kenya has been given a tentative date this upcoming January, unless the Government's motion to dismiss on October 5th is successful -- in which case Orly and company are back to square none.

The hearing was rather amusing. Judge Carter forced Taitz and her former ally, now enemy Gary Kreep to work together or risk further delays in the matter. He made them go out into the hall like grade school children to settle their dispute, and then made them push their chairs close to one another, too.

In a further moment of high hilarity, Orly tried to depose Lucas Smith, who claims he went to Kenya and, through bribery, got ahold of Obama's really-real Kenyan birth certificate, in that very hearing. While highly irregular -- testimony should be given at the actual trial, and not at a hearing to determine if there WILL be a trial -- Orly said it was vital, given that Smith believed his life was in danger. Needless to say, the Judge was not moved.

Interestingly enough, Orly's friends at Whirled Nut Daily..., excuse me, World Net Daily, are seemingly finding it hard to back her antics anymore. In the latest in a succession of articles on the subject -- which, in WND style, is mostly repeats and rephrasings of previous articles -- Jerome R. "Obamanation" Corsi points out that Mr. Smith's Kenyan Birth Certificate is most likely as fraudulent as the last Kenyan Birth Certificate that Orly trotted out for inspection. That didn't stop him from touting WND's own, self-serving take on the matter, stumping for their own, slightly less pathetic attempts to get to the "truth," and selling their own, in-house dvd on Obama's birth.

Why are the folks at WND suddenly pulling away from their friend, Orly? The cynical answer is that even they can only go so far into a windmill-tilt before it becomes obvious they're backing the wrong Spaniard. Maybe they went along initially in the theory of "enemy of my enemy," before someone at Huffington Post dropped the boom on them for using such a sad muppet for their own purposes?

Is there another reason? Over at the Investigating Obama blog, someone asks what isn't such a crazy question anymore: is Orly a saboteur, sent to make the Birther movement look bad? While it smacks of the same kind of insipid paranoia that is the hallmark of the Birther movement in the first place, you have to wonder.

Whether for filing in the wrong state, drafting her papers incorrectly, issuing phony subpoenas, presenting phony evidence, failing to abide by court procedures, releasing people's social security numbers, "tipping the hand" of potential lines of investigation, discrediting other attorneys, etc., the excuse of zeal and inexperience has worn way too thin. What is really going on -- and for what purpose?

How about we just chalk it up to "crazy is as crazy does" and leave it at that? When you look at the evidence stacked against the Birthers, you would have to wonder why anyone would keep on that unreasonable tack to begin with. But in a nation where a rather loud percentage of the population thinks 9/11 was caused by our own government, rather than Islamic terrorists, one must acknowledge that reason isn't always the deciding factor.


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