Sunday, February 10, 2008

I'm calling the 08 race

Yeah, maybe a little early, but let's get out the crystal ball and see what it says, because I think the writing's on the wall: It's going to be Obama-Edwards vs. McCain-Giuliani.

Why those Veep choices? Well, it's more about what they're not than what they are.

Edwards is electable and respectable, yes. More importantly, he's also not Hillary, who brings Bill, or Kucinich, who brings moonbeams. He bowed out early enough, this could be his reason why.

Giuliani isn't so electable or respectable, but he's better than most other choices. Thompson might have bowed early to be a veep, but he's still too sleepy to generate the energy. Romney is a Mormon, which, as we're seeing, puts him maybe a step above atheist, Scientologist or Zoroastrian. Huckabee is too much.

That's my prediction. You know I'm right.


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