Saturday, February 02, 2008

Dubai Detains Someone for Nothing - Free Cat Le-Huy

31-year-old Cat Le-Huy, Head of Technology at Endemol UK, was detained and arrested during a tourist visit to Dubai for carrying melatonin, an over-the-counter jet lag aid. Though once in custody Le-Huy tested negative for drugs and his melatonin was cleared by officials, he is still in Dubai jail with no charges and no release date.

Dubai, UAE, February 1, 2008 - This past Saturday, German citizen and UK resident Cat Le-Huy arrived in Dubai and was arbitrarily stopped at immigration. Initial inspection of Le-Huy’s belongings by Dubai authorities yielded a bottle of melatonin, a health supplement available over the counter both in Dubai and in the US (where Le-Huy had purchased it). After being taken into the interrogation room, Le-Huy was strip-searched, submitted to urine testing, and was forced to sign papers in Arabic which he couldn’t read. During the bag search, authorities came up with a few trace fragments of dirt, which they alleged to be hashish.

During and after the arrest, Dubai authorities alleged that the melatonin bottle found in Le-Huy’s bag contained other pills. As of Monday, tests conducted by the authorities indicated that the melatonin pills did not contain any other substances and the melatonin was cleared. Le-Huy’s urine sample also tested negative for any drug use. The German Embassy expected that Le-Huy would be released at this time, but authorities have called on an option to extend his detainment in order to investigate the specks of dirt that they found.

From the website The Truth About Dubai, here.

Having lived in Dubai for seven years, I can attest to the fact that what the Dubai Tourism Board thinks and what the airport Immigration enforcers do are two entirely different things. They'll nail you at the airport for possessing drugs you got at the hospital in Dubai, or that are perfectly legal in other countries - even if it's only present in your urine. And once they've got you in jail, it's anyone's guess as to when you'll get out.

Still, Dubai hates bad publicity. The more light we shine on this case, the better the chance that we'll get this poor guy out and home.

The website has a petition to the Emir of Dubai. Please take the time to read and sign it.


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