Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fred Thompson: Out with a Whimper, Not a Bang

After what has to be one of the most passionless and lackluster campaigns in recent memory, a near-skeletal Fred Thompson called it quits, tonight.

I've figured this day would come, but doubted he'd stick with it this long. You'd have thought by now he'd have gotten the requisite stones needed to tell his "friends" that, no, he wasn't really all that ready to be Ronald Reagan #2.

Or maybe he figured he'd just stick with it until now, and let the disappointing results speak for themselves.

I think this is a valuable moment, though. I think that this, above anything else in this campaign, should be a clear marker to certain members of the electorate that they need to be really damn careful about what horses they're backing.

Why was Fred Thompson a candidate? Because someone thought he should be a candidate, and convinced others, and then they all ganged up on poor Fred and convinced him... sort of. And didn't it just show?

This is why I think the whole notion of "draft So-and-so" is such complete bullshit. If the person doesn't have the drive to run on their own prompting, without being dragged into the ring, then they either don't want it or lack the needed fire to keep the show on the road.

And we really do not need someone in the White House who does not want to be there, do we?

Farewell, Fred. And for Goddess sake, eat something - you look terrible.

I recommend some of your "friends."


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