Friday, February 24, 2006

Open Letter to David Horowitz - About Anne


You recently struck back at Al Franken for unfairly calling you a "racist." You challenged him to produce proof of the allegation, and - in spite of the "racist" photo of Al being taken down from Frontpage - I'm asuming he didn't.

I'm shocked, then, that you let Ann Coulter's insulting use of the term "ragheads" at the CPAC pass without any comment. You publish her columns, after all.

And I'm even more shocked to see that she's on Frontpage, using the insulting term "camel jockey" in a column you published.

Laying the absurdity of the epithet aside for a moment (Iranians are Persians) don't you think it speaks poorly of your record as an anti-racist to have someone using that kind of language on your page? Were you paying more attention to the furore over "The Professors" than what got published under your banner, that week? Or...?

I could just flip the bloGswitch and call you a hypocrite, but I feel I should ask for some clarification first. What is up with this?


(Sent to David's email on 2/23/2006. You could drop by his blog and ask him a similar question)


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