Saturday, March 10, 2007

Oh, so now he's surprised

As a follow-up to Disingenuous Dinesh, it seems reality has finally set in... to an extent. Here we see him cop to being surprised by the conservative reaction to his book, The Enemy At Home

Q: Are you still alive? You've been beat up pretty good by the left and the right for this book.

A: No, no. I'm very much alive. In a way this sort of reaction is not totally a surprise to me. It's true this is the first book in which I have had conservative criticism. Normally I just drive the left insane. Sure, any book that is going to point a finger at the left and say, “Look, you’ve got a role. You’re responsible for 9/11” is going to cause a furor on the left. I expected that.

The conservative criticism is little more of a surprise. Not because of its existence -- my first chapter in the book is called "What do conservatives 'know' about 9/11 and why it's wrong." And the book is a critique of the conservative and liberal assumptions about 9/11. But what I've been struck by is how vehement some of the conservative critics have been -- not all or even most, but some.

The interview is a real soft-touch job, and his answers seem a little contradictory in places, based on my reading of the book. But then, so's his book.

I'm still wondering if he engineered that POS to be inflammatory to both sides. If so, he really should start fanning the flame - the moment is passing.


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