Sunday, February 25, 2007

Coca-Cola, Wunderbarr

Interesting take on American-based Monoculture from Rammstein.

And if you want a real show, follow the link back to Youtube and read the comments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Recall W just doubled his salary during his administration, from $200k to $400k. I suspect he is not alone.
If you are unwilling to layoff Federal employees to balance the budget and bring costs back into line every single one needs to take a 50% reduction in salary.
It's like it's fucking Bell, CA everywhere.

goddamn Republicans make me sick.
Republicans are all about greed and corruption while the Democrats are about social poison. And this is the system we live in
When Ronald Reagan took office the Federal debt was $1 trillion. When he left it was $6 trillion.\
These people are fucking filthy hypoctrites. It is perfectly acceptable to spend when it is an act of war, subcontractor friends like Halliburton or to “bailout” their donor friends.
Despite their attempts at revising history by blaming the black guy recall this economic disaster we are in was all W's doing.
Whereas once “greed is good” now “greed is legal”. Thanks to Reagan's rewriting of the tax code and and further legislation/welfare for the wealthy.
And they all believe the lie. They think they will go, reals and fake clone hosts, when the reality is they will be reincarnated into this country's collapse for the economic horror they created for others.

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