Saturday, February 24, 2007

Looks Like D'Souza's got ONE fan...

It's everybody's bestest buddy, CNN ranter-in-residence Glenn "Blowhard" Beck:

BECK: You know, there`s a new poll out that Muslims, the higher educated Muslims in the Middle East are more likely to be extremists? More and more Muslims now hate us all across the world, and it really has not a lot to do with anything other than our morals.

The things that they were saying about us were true. Our morals are just out the window. We`re a society on the verge of moral collapse. And our promiscuity is of the charts.

Now I don`t think that we should fly airplanes into buildings or behead people because of it, but that`s the prevailing feeling of Muslims in the Middle East. And you know what? They`re right.

From this Transcript (courtesy of Steve from C&L)

That's This Poll by the way. And what i really want to know is, when does someone become "radicalized" in their eyes? Simply because they have an unfavorable view of America, as so many do, or because they think 9/11 was justified or legitimate? That's what I'd like to know.


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