Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Supreme Court Tells Orly No, One More Time

orly thumped again

Remember that little matter of the $20,000 Orly Taitz had to pay for wasting Judge Land's time?

Remember how she tried to get the Supreme Court to make the fine go away, and, after going through two different Judges, was told no?

Well, you have to hand it to Orly -- she gave it one more college try. But to no avail.

A fully expected announcement, since Taitz’s petition was dead-listed on the Miscellaneous Order List of cases which were discussed at the SCOTUS Conference of January 7; a day celebrated on The Fogbow as “No Cert Friday,” once the January 6 docket showed no call for response from the the government (hint hint).

The Money's already been paid, even though Orly said she wouldn't pay a red cent, before. Maybe they sent someone to harass her at her places of business? Who can say? I'd ask Orly, but I doubt I'd get a straight answer.

What's next for Orly? Hopefully a cranio-rectal reversal, but I don't know if Obamacare will help her with that one. All the same, it's Tuesday, and that means Music. So let's ask Orly a good question - Where's Your Head At?

(Basement Jaxx, by way of Gary Numan)


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