Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Orly Gambles and Loses on Supreme Court Save

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You have to hand it to Orly Taitz. After having the chutzpah to ask Justice Clarence Thomas to block the $20,000 contempt of court fine, and being turned down, she downed another bottle of chutzpah and made a similar request to Judge Alito. He, in turn, referred it to the whole Supreme Court, which led to some speculation as to whether Alito was a Birther, or what they might do with it. And I have to say, the idea of Orly making a complete fool of herself in front of The Nine was keeping some of us in stitches.

But it turned out all the back benching and fantasizing was for nothing. Orly was turned down once again.

Of course, it's all part of teh USURPER CONSPIRACY!

...Taitz told TPMMuckraker she is convinced that none of the members of the court read her request, and that clerks made the decision for the justices. She cited a passage from a book co-authored by Justice Antonin Scalia in which, she claimed, Scalia said that less than one percent of cases are actually read by a judge.

"It was never seen by Justice [Clarence] Thomas, there's not evidence it was seen by Justice Thomas," Taitz said. "I don't believe the Justices read a word of the pleadings." She said she wanted to see the original court document with the signature of a member of the court.

Of course, Orly will keep fighting the bastard Kenyan fascist commie tyrant usurper, but in the meantime she says she's working towards coughing up the dough, one paypal press at a time.

...she would be able to cover the $20,000 fine with donations from her supporters. "I have means to pay, the public is collecting funds," Taitz said. She said she received $3,500 in four or five days. "Within a month, I will have the $20,000," Taitz said. "Most of them are contributing maybe $20, $25 dollars, there's a lot of support."

This is, incidentally, in direct opposition to Orly Taitz of almost a year ago, who said she would not be paying the fine under any circumstances.

"Are you kidding? Of course not," she said, asked whether she planned to send a check. "This is a form of intimidation."

Maybe having the US Attorney's Office threaten to "pursue enforced collection action" on her changed her mind? She denies there's a lien on her house, but who knows what the situation with her dental practice is...?

Ah, poor, poor, Orly. If only she'd learned when to shut the hell up, leave a dead end, and try again somewhere else without rattling her broken saber on the way out the door, she might not be having this problem. I guess there's some things they didn't teach in that legal correspondence course she undertook to pass the California bar? Or maybe she skimmed over the "useless" chapters on legal etiquette? The world may never know.

As a few people have said lately, schadenfreude is a dish best served by youtube. So, since it's Tuesday night, here's a fitting song for poor Mrs. Taitz: Loser, by Beck. Let's get crazy with the cheese whiz!


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