Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Letters from Lakin - Prison Not Too Fun

lakin in jail

It seems that the Terry Lakin Action Fund (apparently managed/owned/connected to the folks from Safeguard Our Constitution, which is Paul Rolf Jensen's questionable outfit) is now playing host to Terry Lakin's letters from prison, as well as notes from his wife.

A letter from December 21 was posted on Jan 2nd.

Reception status is mostly lock down in my cell. We now get two hours of 'rec time' in the morning and afternoon. Rec time is cell door open to a common pod area with a four-seat table, an exercise bike that does not work, a flat-screen TV that we cannot watch, and two showers. Activity is playing cards or a few board games, working out in my cell between meals, reading the rulebook, Bible, and now writing letters. Looks like the routine for the next several weeks. We have limited stamps, envelopes, and I am writing with a small, soft plastic (almost rubber pen) that is not to comfortable.

After getting more integrated in January (hopefully minimum security) we may have more privileges. There will not be much use of a computer, limited phone, news, or TV. We have to order our own health and comfort supplies from a small provided list. We are allowed one order request per month and not more than $35 per month. I'm hoping they will honor my first order on credit- we have not been able to get money into our account yet - not having any communication with Pili yet. I'm hoping to get a small radio with ear buds so I can get some news radio. Had to work hard to decide about how many batteries I could get by with vs how many rolls of toilet paper to buy.

Honey, can you spare a tissue? Sounds like no one informed him how much fun prison was going to be.

His wife's notes were also of interest:

* The kids were apprehensive. They had seen prisons in cartoons and TV clips and were concerned about their dad.

* After seeing Terry they felt better because they know where he is and that he looks good.

* We visited to discuss plans and the big ad in the Washington Times


* The prison experience has intrigued Terry.

* He is learning the stories of fellow inmate is stricken with the inequalities of justice.

Tell me about it. Lakin's in jail for having been the fall guy, but the bumpershoot who talked him into doing this ridiculous stunt is out free.

I found it interesting that, in his first letter, whatever repentance Lakin may have shown on the witness stand at his Court Martial has seemingly evaporated.

I hope I made a difference in a very important matter. It cost me a lot. But I now have to believe it turned out okay. There certainly are no do-overs. The important thing is for the work to carry-on so we never have this situation again.


After the trial I overhead someone say, "Well, he's no hero now!" Sorry, I was not in it to be a hero. Just thought I was doing the right thing. I spent enough of myself and my family's future for now. Others are going to have to continue.

"Others." "Continue." "The Work." I wonder who is going to pick up the hammer?

One telling and sort of frightening note from Terry's wife:

* One senior office(r), while delivering mail, said "These are from your fan club and you're famous." Terry told him, "I never wanted to be famous." He said if didn't work there he would be writing to Terry, too.


At any rate, it's Tuesday night, and that means music. We have been informed of the sad passing of Gerry Rafferty, who was the voice behind Stealers Wheel -- which you may remember from a certain Quentin Tarantino movie -- and also had hits with "Baker Street" and "Right Down the Line." This is one of his lesser hits, which seems appropriate for the whole Lakin imbroglio: Take the Money and Run.


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