Thursday, January 13, 2011

Saul Anuzis - Still Dodging

this is where the party ends

Our readers might remember the attention we paid to Saul Anuzis -- who may be the next RNC Chairman, depending on how things go in the next few days -- and his interesting relationship with Kyle "White Apocalypse" Bristow.

In brief:

* Back when Kyle was just starting to make a total ass of himself, in 2007, Saul Anuzis defended him, calling him "exactly the type of young kid we want out there ... I've known Kyle for years and I can tell you I have never heard him say a racist or bigoted or sexist thing, ever."

* Saul apparently didn't know that Kyle had actually said numerous racist, bigoted, and sexist things on his group's blog, the Spartan Spectator (now locked down, so we can't show you direct evidence anymore. so much for conservative accountability!).

* Saul also didn't know that Kyle was making friends with people like Nick Griffin of the formerly Whites only BNP, anti-Islam MSU Professor Indrik Wichman, and Canadian Neo-Nazi Paul Fromm (all matters of public record).

* In the period of time after Saul defended Kyle, he apparently lost all ability to keep tabs on the "young kid we want out there," and entirely missed Kyle's slide into even worse shades of racism, bigotry, sexism, jew-hatred, and the like (again, locked down. Chickenshit).

* Saul also seems to have missed that, while studying law, Kyle had the time to crank out a racist Da Vinci Code knockoff, "White Apocalypse," and start a rather hideous blog that makes no bones about its White Nationalism.

So of course, now that he's trying to become the next Chairman of the Republican National Committee, a few of us are wondering what sort of relationship Mr. Anuzis still shares with Kyle Bristow. After a few news cycles of avoiding the question, Saul finally came out and officially dodged it.

In an e-mail exchange with Michigan Messenger Anuzis refused to say whether he still supports Bristow and he called reports of his 2007 comments in support of Bristow “an old story, out of context and irrelevant.”

“I have no idea what Kyle has been up to since he was MSU chair,” he wrote, “so I have no idea or comment on his current status or activities.”

*cough cough*

Of course, that could be true. But you'd think he'd keep better tabs on someone who impressed him enough that he publicly defended him against the bad press that he'd been getting -- bad press he clearly deserved.

So it's been some time since this connection has been brought up yet again, and so far no one in the mainstream, big time media really seems to want to make an issue out of it. Even the anti-Anuzis site that went up the other week doesn't bother to make any mention of it -- preferring to harp on perceived economic and policy-based irregularities in his past.

Is it really a deal-breaker? Maybe not. Maybe Anuzis didn't know what a total waste of DNA Bristow was when he defended him, all those years ago, and has been trying to dodge the damage ever since. That doesn't speak well of someone who's going to head the RNC, though.

All Anuzis would have to say is something along the lines of "look, politics is the game of strange bedfellows, and people I used to be associated with just a few years ago are no longer on my Christmas card list. I didn't know what a turd-burger the kid was then, and I'm horrified to see what he's become, now. I rescind all past praise and condemn his current excesses. Please do not think I share his warped beliefs. I repudiate them. They are not what the Republican party stands for, period."

So why doesn't he? Why does he cling to that dodgy dodge?

Maybe someone should ask the delegates.


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