Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Saul Anuzis Dodges Questions about Racist Friend

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Readers of the rANT Farm may remember our recent article on Saul Anuzis, former head of Michigan's GOP - and a front-runner for the Chairmanship of the Republican National Committee - concerning his connection to our buddy Kyle Bristow, former head of MSU's controversial Young Americans for Freedom chapter, current student of law, blogmaster of fortune, gun-molester, and writer of the right wing, racialist Da Vinci Code knock-off White Apocalypse.

(Also a tacit supporter of a certain user of child pornography, but hey - what's some naked exploited kids when compared to a cherry recommendation for the aforementioned racist Da Vinci Code knock-off from a former big-wig in the Neo Nazi movement? Nice networking skills, there, Kyle.)

Well, just before the Tea Party Movement decided that, if they couldn't have Sarah "Watch Me Quit, Ya'll" Palin as their dream candidate for the RNC Chair, they'd settle for Saul, Mr. Anuzis finally answered critics of his connection to Kyle. Sort of.

Though Anuzis’ business is internet campaigns, he has chosen not to clarify his support for Bristow, which has been reported on several blogs.

In an e-mail exchange with Michigan Messenger Anuzis refused to say whether he still supports Bristow and he called reports of his 2007 comments in support of Bristow “an old story, out of context and irrelevant.”

“I have no idea what Kyle has been up to since he was MSU chair,” he wrote, “so I have no idea or comment on his current status or activities.”

Of course, one need only put the words "Kyle Bristow" into the google news and see what comes up, but I guess that's too hard for Mr. Technology to do. Or too beneath him? Who can say.

The Southern Poverty Law Center's Heidi Beirich rightfully called bullshit.

“Anuzis was defending Kyle long after he’d done very racist things and those things had been made brutally public in the Michigan press,” she said. “He may be distancing himself from him now, but he sure didn’t care much about Bristow’s racism for a very long time.”

“If it weren’t for Anuzis’ strong backing of Bristow’s racist acts, he may well not have progressed to the full blown hatemonger he is today. Anuzis helped build Bristow’s career. And now he isn’t even willing to denounce Bristow’s genocidal novel. That’s a bit cowardly, I’d say.”

Bristow has yet to really weigh in on his former(?) supporter's chances of election, as he's too busy studying for exams. Confronted with the article, he could only respond by making disparaging remarks concerning Ms. Beirich's weight. A moderated comment Kyle let through perhaps sums up the Solutrean blog in toto - "Only a negro would breed with that."

(Item: this white as snow correspondent thinks anti-racist activists are hot, Hot, HOT. You go, Heidi.)

As of yet, the mainstream media seems unwilling to notice the story as a whole. I suspect as the election draws nearer, and supporters of Michael Steele -- or one of the other front runners - start digging for dirt against Anuzis, it will be unearthed and flung into the news cycle. Whether that damages Saul's chances will depend on whether his constituents still consider themselves members of the party of Lincoln, or think people like Kyle Bristow really are just what they need on their side. Should that be the case, Goddess help us all.

On a funnier note, Jesus General really likes Kyle. It's a good thing someone does.


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