Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Le End of L'Affaire Lakin Looms

lakin jail

December 14th. Fort Meade, Maryland. In a courtroom sure to be backed by legal observers, Birther nuts and their "journalistic" supporters, and other curious types. The long-awaited "proper" Court Martial of LTC Terry Lakin, for "missing movement" and other such things. Because he's a well-meaning but easily-duped fellow who let others, perhaps not so well-meaning, talk him into violating the UCMJ because the President of the United States was not a Natural Born Citizen -- they claim -- and he wouldn't go to Afghanistan unless he had more proof than has already been given out.

December 14th. When a much more reasonable legal team than the previous one will represent the LTC in court, having thankfully scrapped any and all notions of the President not being an NBC -- which was getting the previous one nowhere fast -- and instead apparently planning to do as much damage reduction as they can, so as to spare their client a massive, early Christmas present from Krampus.

What a long, strange trip this has been since last April, when the story first broke! Throughout it all, my feelings have not changed much; I still hold that LTC. Lakin was a well-meaning puppet on someone's string -- perhaps now finally realizing that he was used to dance to someone else's highly-suspect tune, and allowing for a measure of self-protection by way of his new legal time, that has gladly (perhaps gleefully) thrown the Paul Rolf "Otis" Jensen under the bus.

(Lakin's) previous civilian attorney complicated his case and is partially responsible for two of these charges by advising LTC Lakin to refuse to report to his superior officer. The defense team is now working to minimize the damage caused by this inappropriate legal advice and return LTC Lakin to his family quickly and with his medical career intact.

Schadenfreude - a dish best served either hot or cold.

Does Lakin have a prayer? Some would say so. Indeed, we have just learned (by way of our friends at Obama Conspiracy Theories) that Lakin intends to plead NOT GUILTY (!!!!!).

Is it chutzpah, confidence, or lawyer tricks? I guess we'll find out soon enough...

Having said all that, I suspect it's pretty likely that Ltc. Lakin is going to spend at least some time in Leavenworth, if only because certain people would like to make certain that other would-be "defenders of the Constitution" don't get any ideas. So, since it's Tuesday Night, and I haven't heard this song in ages, how about some Was Not Was? If you watched Pump up the Volume, you'll probably remember that this was one of the best songs in the movie, and sadly not on the soundtrack.


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