Saturday, October 02, 2010

SHOCKER! LTC Lakin Deep-Sixes Legal Team!

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STOP THE PRESSES! In a shocking move, just days after their planned defense was rendered quadriplegic by the judge, LTC Lakin has broken up with the legal team provided by the American Patriot Foundation (that would be Paul Rolf "Otis" Jensen, the dog bite attorney) and secured the services of another, hopefully more competent team.

We do not have any direct comments from either Lakin or Jensen, but it would appear the romance is over, and neither side has wasted any time getting over it.

As of today, the Safeguard Our Constitution site, once a busy, screaming beehive of activity, is no longer directly accessibe. All former SOC URLS are now directed right to the APF's main page. The only mention of L'affaire Lakin is a decidedly past-tense blurb on the Current Projects page.

And Mr. Jensen's page no longer has a large display of him helping LTC Lakin break the UCMJ. Instead there is a redirect to his snazzy legal firm page (look out for that DOG!)

So who is Terry seeing now? According to Phil Cave:

Looks like LTC Lakin may have reached out to Neal Puckett, a real military law knowledgeable person. Either that or Neal is playing a birthday joke on Dwight.

He also asks a very good question...

Query: who at this point is going to be paying LTC Lakin’s legal bills. The website had solicited donations on the basis that they would be paying all of LTC Lakin’s legal bills did they not? Or did I miss something on that? What about all of the money donated to APF on behalf of LTC Lakin?

... which I think gets to the heart of the matter. Did the APF ever really think they had a fireball's chance in Hel of getting Lakin off the hot seat, much less get full discovery on Obama's documents? Or was this a cynical attempt to get some attention by using a willing patsy, and then reap as much money from his sad hide as they could before the show came to an end?

In other words, was this ever more than a right-wing publicity stunt, with Lakin used as bait?

As I've said before, the American Patriot Foundation's motives are highly suspect. I don't think we should be looking at Obama's records -- we should be looking at theirs. I think we'd find a number of things of interest if we did.

Irregardless, I hope LTC Lakin's new legal team convinces him to drop this Birther nonsense, and can find some way to help their client dig UP, for a change. It would be nice if this story could have something other than a horribly tragic ending.


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