Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Night Music 8 24 10

Years ago, one of the cable channels used to have this great program called "Night Flight." They played music videos that you wouldn't normally see, either because MTV wouldn't play them, didn't play them all that often, or didn't know they existed. Some of them were creepy, some of them were fucking weird, and some of them were just amazing, mind-blowing stuff.

In the creepy category is this video, which has haunted me for years. I remember watching it, and knowing it was a slow, sad version of "Tainted Love," and knowing the narrative was about AIDS, but I had no idea who the hell did it for years. Every once in a while I'd wonder, but I guess the wondering never reached the fever pitch where I'd have to go dig and look, huh?

Well, thanks to the wonder of Youtube's playlists, I have my answer. It was done by Coil. Dead flies and honey, social allegory, and Marc Almond from Soft Cell shows up, eats a grape, and turns his back on the victim. It's sad, it's wonderful, it is.


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