Tuesday, October 05, 2010

HOLD IT! LTC Lakin still with "Patriot" Backers (maybe)

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It would appear that, all visual evidence to the contrary, LTC Lakin's securing of a new (and hopefully sane and competent) legal team over the weekend has not spelled an end to his association with the American Patriot Foundation. Maybe.

After the news got out that LTC Lakin had gotten a different legal team together (given that his previous defense team's plans had been rendered armless and then legless in two different sessions with the judge) the APF started rerouting browsers from the Safeguard our Constitution website to their main site, which spoke about their involvement in the Lakin case in a decidedly past-tense tone.

However, the link to the SOC site has since gone back up again, and the APF has this to say regarding their involvement.

The American Patriot Foundation is pleased to announce that LTC Lakin has repositioned his forces, has retained new legal counsel, and is extremely grateful that the Foundation will be dedicating the critical next few weeks before his planned court-martial on November 3-5, to focusing entirely on public affairs, strategic communications/messaging and coalition-building and that their support will continue seamlessly as the new attorney prepares for trial.

The website of the Foundation is being re-designed to reflect this new focus and emphasis. Contrary to the impression left by some blogs and internet commentary, LTC Lakin is consistent in continuing on the same path that he announced publicly six months ago when he released his first YouTube video-- and consistent with his military training, to continue to request assurance from Pentagon leadership that his military orders, including his deployment orders to Afghanistan, are legal-- authorized at the highest level by a Commander-in-Chief who is Constitutionally eligible, per Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.


The Foundation is pleased to continue to support LTC Lakin, a decorated and outstanding officer with 18 years of service in the Army, as he persists in his pursuit of the truth, the rule of law, and in support of his sworn oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Terry is gratified by the many people who have stayed in constant touch with him through the website and deeply appreciates their support, their guidance and suggestions, and their prayers.

Reading all that, two things come to mind:

1) This sounds like a massive CYA blurb, possibly to reflect the fact that they're still soliciting for money on Lakin's behalf (and their own????) and, frankly, have nothing better going for them, but no longer have a real hand in the outcome of his trial given that their hand-picked lawyer, Paul Rolf "Otis" Jensen, is decidedly off the team. "Repositioned his forces" is a nice way of saying "fired his generals," IMHO.

2) Why the hell didn't they leave the site up and then update with all this, rather thank yanking stuff down and then putting it up? Did it really take 24+ hours to hammer all this out, or were they hunkered down on the phone trying to figure out how to spin this? (I favor the latter, but the former would not surprise me in the least)

At any rate, Jensen is definitely gone-baby-gone. I doubt we will be hearing anything from him on the matter due to client confidentiality clauses and all that. Besides, he's already got another high-profile case on his docket: a case of celebrity dogbite in reverse!

What now? There's been some speculation that the new legal team might try and mount a defense by saying the old one (and the APF?) led LTC Lakin seriously astray, and turned what was essentially a bizarre hobby into actual mutiny by telling him he actually had a viable, winnable case as opposed to a sad and sorry windmill tilt. On the other hand, maybe they're just going to do the best they can to cushion the coming blow. We'll see in about a month, here.

But we should take a moment to think about poor Jensen. This was his big chance to get his name out there as THE MAN WHO BROUGHT DOWN A PRESIDENT, and instead he's back to personal injury cases. Poor fellow Jensen, who went toe to toe with Anderson Cooper, spread birther boilerplate on national television, and became another bright and guiding light in a field full of stinky and sticky black holes, is now going to slide back into the relative anonymity of has-beens and also-rans who tried and failed to touch the Sun.

And his client kicked him back there.

In honor of a man no longer worthy of news, who has definitely lost the game, we present our usual Tuesday night music. The classic hit by Human League: "Don't You Want Me?" (apparently not)


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