Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday Night Music 1 12 10

A-Ha's "Hunting High and Low" was a treasure of song, and this was one of my favorites off the album. It's one of the best albums I never bought.

The story goes like this. Someone left a copy of the tape on the school bus, and the bus driver said he'd hand it over if no one claimed it. I thought I might be behind a few other people, but one day I received news that someone from my Scout Troop - with whom I had a real hate-hate relationship - had gone in for serious open heart surgery, and we didn't know if he'd made it or not. Rumors were flying, no one was sure of anything, and as much as I hated the kid (he was a really sadistic and mean little fuck) I was stunned to think he might be dead. And the bus driver took pity and handed over the tape.

Of course, the kid was okay. And was still a mean little fuck. But the album was transcendent.

(And the kid eventually grew up, got a life, and was fairly civil to me when we wound up going to the same university. So it all worked out, eventually.)

So this is "Train of Thought." A slightly different cut than what was on the album but still good.


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