Sunday, January 03, 2010

2009: The Birther Year in Review

Oh For Goodness' Sake has a wonderful recap of the last year in Birtherism.

It's quite a hoot, and seems to only be missing the epic rick-roll someone pulled on AXJ, and, by extension, Free Republic and a couple other Birther strongholds.

Unfortunately, AXJ changed its forums, and the primary evidence of the prank has vanished into the ether. But given that they're sorry bit players in all of this, it's no real great loss, either.

What have we learned from all this craziness?

Well, primarily, much like with 9/11 "Truth," there is no limit to how hard people will tack into the winds of self-willed insanity and ignorance in order to fulfill their own agendas, or chase down windmills. God herself could show up and hand Orly and Philip Berg the original, pre-digitization BC that Obama had when he was born in Hawaii and they'd still deny the truth. As to their actual motives for denial - much like the Truthers, I'll leave you to your own conclusions. I have my own.

Secondarily, it is clear that Orly Taitz is a pathetic, tragic figure. I don't dare declare her insane for real without proof, though it's getting harder and harder to ascribe a sane motive or method to her actions and statements. And I don't know whether she's operating under alien orders, or if someone is putting her up to this.

If someone is pulling her strings, then it would be a good thing for that someone to be found and exposed before any more damage is done to her. But maybe I'm being overly-conspiratorial, and it's just her doing this craziness. If so, we may soon see her reaping what she's sowed.

Thirdly? This story won't be over for some time to come. Much like those who continue to claim MIHOP or LIHOP (but never IHOP ;) ) on the issue of 9/11, suspicion and conspiracy-vision will continue to thrive in the dark places of the mind. And if facts won't inoculate, mockery may be our only recourse.

I'm kind of ambivalent on following the story too closely, though. It's an endless font of amusement, but at its heart is a person who's very clearly digging her own grave with the bridge of her nose. I do not believe that Orly is an evil person, just very terribly misguided (at best) and surrounded by people whose motives are highly suspect.

Maybe i'll find a new cause in the new year? We'll see. In the meantime, thank you for another year of eyeballs, and I hope to continue to serve you in my own, odd way.


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