Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sacha Baron Cohen Exposes Bad Parents (Bruno Clip)

I'm not a major fan of cringe humor - I spent most of Borat scrunched down in my seat with my hands over my face, saying "oh no, oh no..." - but every once in a while Sacha Baron Cohen skewers someone who deserves it, and a whole lot worse (re: the "throw the jew down the well" song from 'Borat'). And for that I have to applaud.

This is one of those cases. This is Baron, as Bruno, auditioning babies for a photo shoot. It is a brilliant reminder that some people will do anything for money. And I have to wonder how these parents are allowed to keep their kids.

I also wonder what the outtakes were like ("You want my baby to play with bees and lit phosphorous?!?!?")

(h/t Failblog)


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