Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Orly Taitz - Legal Genius

Orly "Birther Queen" Taitz continues to have a weird and unfortunate time with her legal odyssey to have Barack Obama declared ineligible for the Presidency. We've reported before on her now-infamous - and quite harshly debunked - Kenyan birth certificate, but did you know it was thrown out for being improperly filed?

The latest news is that she improperly tried to remove two clients from the lawsuit, and has yet to file proper paperwork on the case.

Last week, she asked for Magistrate Judge Arthur Nakazato to be thrown off the case, complaining he’d rejected a previous Taitz document because of “trivial technicalities.” ....

(Federal Judge) Carter said he’ll hear that allegation in court on Sept. 8 - if Taitz first properly serves the U.S. Attorney’s Office with the complaint and summons, something she has still not done.

The Taitz document thrown out by Nakazato asked that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton verify a registration produced by Taitz that she claims is a Kenyan birth record for Obama. Taitz refiled that document with corrections last week.

Click here to read about plaintiffs Wiley Drake and Markham Robinson seeking to replace Taitz as their attorney on the case – and Taitz saying that they can’t because she’s kicked them off the case.

Carter wrote Friday that Taitz’s court filing attempting to remove Drake and Robinson from the case was filed “improperly and without their consent.”

So let's see: she can't file the paperwork and evidence properly, doesn't know how to remove her clients, doesn't seem to be able to get what she needs done and talk to who she needs to talk to, she can't talk on television without sputtering out into a flailing, brownshirt-fearing wreck, AND she's being sued by Birther Phillip Berg for "going too far?"

It sounds like the Birthers need a better queen. Is Jack Thompson doing anything these days?


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